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Hi littlerosie,

I was sorry to hear that you have deleted all your postings, but I do understand your feelings of utter despair and frustration with the workings of 'the system'. However, if nothing else, your words have brought comfort and your experiences are very informative and helpful - especially to a relative newbie to the 'survivors' list.

Please keep hanging in there - we are all behind you.

Stay Strong
Saw the ENT man this afternoon and he is at least sitting up and taking notice of the oral neuralgia. I have to have another MRI (my ears haven't recovered from the last one)to try to see which nerve/s is/are affected. Probably nothing can be done as I have tried the 'conventiona' methods and all they do is make me feel very ill - to the extent I can't function.

I really hope your message gets through and you find someone to answer a question.

Stay Strong
Is there someone else in your GP practice that you can see littlerosie?. In our practice there are 4 or 5 GPs that we can make appts to see. Maybe seeing another dr will help get things moving. Failing that, if it was me, I would make weekly appts to see my GP and generally make myself a pain in his/her ass until they referred me just so I would leave them alone.
That's what I did when I was going through tough times. Hassle, hassle, hassle is the key when nobody is listening.
Hagg is absolutely right on this one. I know that any GP in your surgery should do the same thing - but they don't. I am very lucky in that the doctor I have within the practice is very good at that sort of thing, though there are a couple I am not so sure about. I think my problem could have picked up a year before it was if someone had been sitting up and paying attention. My current GP was not part of the practice at the time.

Keep pushing, rosie, and the best of luck - keep letting us know how you are getting on.
I seem to have managed to ease my problem today as I seem to have found a bit of a pressure point that will ease things a bit - but it is not likely to go away. Yes, there has to be a TMJ problem as well. The gums of my rear lower molars (crowns) are also exposing roots, but are not causing a problem - at the moment.

I so agree with you about painkillers - they treat the symptom, not the cause, and by killing the pain (the warning bell) tremendous damage can be done. All the Gabapentins and things have done for me is make me feel extremely ill. I see my doctor on Tuesday and I will tell him what the Consultant said well ahead of him receiving the official letter.
rosie - you are SO right about the vet. I remember, rather a long time ago, I had a knuckle that was very sore with an infection. It was coming up to a Bank Holiday weekend but I phoned the surgery anyway only to be told that all the doctors were much too busy to see a finger. I just went straight to the Vet where I was seen, given antibiotics - and to this day they are the only ones I can take satisfactorily - and told what to get to dress the knuckle. No further problem.
If only....

Good luck with the letter and I hope you get a speedy response.

Stay Strong
Originally posted by Hagg.:
Nothing wrong with a good rant littlerosie. It's good to vent.

Hi Hagg, just come back on site after some time away, & hardly recognise our old site, Too many adverts etc. for things that have no place here. How did they invade us?
I was saddened to hear the news of the death of our old friend John Spencer. He was a great friend of the Forum & will be a great loss.
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