Hi Guys, I am hahving a procedure done on the 10th of March to try and get my neck to move.

I am told will take fat from stomache and insert in neck.I am also told may not work for me.
Apparantly only done on a few Cancer
Patients.Told maybe 3 procedures to do properly
Has anyone else had this done
What is it like after are the areas swollen
Can you see improvment straight away

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Hi Paul,

I can't say that I have heard of this procedure but I certainly wish you the best of luck with it all. It sounds like it could be somewhat 'hit and miss' in that it may or may not work for you. I really hope it does work and you get some movement back.

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Hi Paul,hope the OP works for you,I have,nt heard of it and was never offered it.when I had my OP back in 1998 my neck was very stiff and had very little movement but over the years has got much less rigid and moves more freely.i have a really skinny neck also and so that must have played a part in my limited neck movement.im not saying yours could improve over time just that mine did,but it took years to be honest.i know this may sound silly but I had to carry heavy shopping bags due to having no car and maybe overtime this strengthened what little muscles I had left in my neck and supported my neck and helped my neck movement.takecare.
Hi,sorry to read that the fat transfer didn't work for you little Rosie,did you also have it to help improve neck movement,do they ever do it for cosmetic reasons to help people with thin necks after cancer treatment look and feel better after radical surgery?I wonder how successful it is,any advancement in after care for people like us can only be good and improve our lives.Did you ask for it or did they suggest it.takecare
Hi Guys, Did not realise i already mentioned this on here.
I am havinf the fat taken from my stomach the sides and told I will need 3 or 4 ops.
littlerosieuk1, How long did you stay in hospital as thats what worries me, I am told one night then when I saw the Anathetist she said I may be in ITU for awhile as they have probems putting me out last time.So think it will be longer than one night.

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