I had a partial glossectomy on Thursday, but it's now looking like they may need to take some lymph nodes too.  Just wondering what I should expect with that surgery.  Any info on pain, recovery, anything else very much appreciated.

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Hope it all works out ok .I had a neck dissection to remove lymph nodes .I moisterised my neck with Aloe Vera gel before surgery.I thought it helped with healing.

I had a neck dissection too, almost a year ago now. I use bio oil on the scar. I had some issues with shoulder movement in the months that followed. This gradually improved. Now I have full range of movement again. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

I had a neck dissection on 7 February and my scar is healing well. I did have some reduced shoulder movement but this has improved significantly so I am hoping I will have full movement. I do have numbness in my ear and face but I am staying positive it will improve 😊


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Hi there, I hope you're doing well now! 

After surgery, there is a possibility of having side-effects including:

  • numbness in the ear on the same side as the operation
  • loss of movement in the lower lip
  • loss of movement on one side of the tongue
  • loss of feeling on one side of the tongue
  • Swelling
  • difficulty bending your head forward (Physiotherapy can help to improve movement and prevent stiffness)

 Using your head, neck and shoulder muscles may help to reduce swelling.  You can do head & neck exercises. But, It is important to do the breathing exercises before and after the head and neck exercises. 

Best wishes!

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