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... Since my diagnosis.
I'm very well!
Amir and I are trying for a baby - after finding out the chemo hasn't wrecked our chances
Business is still thriving. I have a team of staff now!
I'm still in touch with some of the past forum members via Facebook, it's easy to communicate through their.
Side effects wise - I stil have an extreme lack of saliva, some muscle tension/damage in my neck and shoulders, trismus ETC but all in all in very well. You really do get used to your new normal.
I'm happy and content.
There is life after this awful disease for many!
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Hi Chelle, So pleased to hear from you and that you are doing so well. I have thought about you often particularly just recently when that young lad suffering from bowel cancer raised so much money for young cancer sufferers and each time I take 'Brenda' my new Labradoodle (of three years) to get her beard trimmed.

We used to have some good laughs even through the misery of cancer didn't we? and you were always an inspiration.

Good luck on the new baby front, hope all goes well and don't forget, practice, practice practice.

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