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Have your say about the services for people living with and after cancer

The National Cancer Survivorship Initiative was launched as part of the Cancer Reform Strategy at the beginning of December 2007. The initiative aims to improve services for people living with and after cancer.

An all day event is being organised by Macmillan on Friday 15 February 2008 at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London, to help shape the new National Cancer Survivorship Initiative.

The Mouth Cancer Foundation will be taking part and be sending patient representatives to it. We need your help in deciding what the initiative should focus on. Potential areas already identified for discussion include:
  • Better follow up to prevent unnecessary trips to hospital out-patients
  • Managing the side effects of treatment including:
    o Fatigue
    o Diet / nutrition
    o Short term memory loss following chemotherapy
    o Numbness / tingling / swelling
    o Late effects
  • Establishing normal family relationships
  • Emotional, psychological and supportive needs after treatment
  • Financial information, advice and support
  • Returning to work – practical information, advice and support
  • Support services for carers, family and friends.

We want to know which services work for you, which don’t, and what you most need to help you live better with the consequences of mouth cancer. PLease use this forum to give us your views.

Please contact me using the forum's private messaging facility if you wish to be a spokesperson for mouth cancer patients at the conference. Please let me know if you are interested in contributing to this conference in mid-February 2008. Ideally, MCF would like to sponsor at least 4 survivors (younger/older/male/female) and a carer/spouse to attend to allow adequate representation of the different perspectives they probably have.

Best wishes


Dr Vinod K Joshi
Founder and Chief Executive
Mouth Cancer Foundation
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