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This is a must read for all of us. Doc Brook is just great for telling people what it is like because he is one of us.

I have read his posts with enthusiasm, but watching the Fox TV story on him really opened my eyes up even more allowing me to refer to him as one of my inspirational persons.

Just so happens before I watched his story I had just finished posting about my chance encounter with another cancer patient and what an inspiration he was for me.
Well, Pete, I was watching "Law & Order, U.K." while multi-tasking and hit on this. Off with the TV and on to Dr. Brook's vid.

Doc, thanks so much for posting this. I've read your other posts and found them very interesting but this puts a face to the name and is truly inspirational.

Best of luck to you and please keep up the good work - let's call it exceptional work.

Thank you,


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