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Hi all
I suddenly got the urge to check in here and see what was happening.
I have just spent the last few days designing invitations for my mother's 80TH BIRTHDAY PARTY in May.
Aged 75 she was diagnosed with cancer of the tongue and genuinely didn't think she would see 76. She is one true hero.
I can't pretend its easy, she has lost all her teeth as a result of the radiation and she struggles to eat - but she is living her life and maintaining her (albeit reduced) weight.
She still goes sequence dancing twice a week and has invited all her dancing buddies to her party.
Dad has also been a hero, looking after her every inch of the way - he's 83 !!
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Well, the balloons are ordered, the birthday cake arrives tomorrow (sponge so mum can have some), the "DJ" and his sequence dance music is booked, we have planned a "soft section" of the buffet so she can at least eat something on the night ......... and the 70 guests have confirmed their attendance.

Spare a thought for us on Saturday night, celebrating my mum's 80th Birthday Party, when we truly didn't think she would see 76yrs

Thanks for all your support in the bleak times, thought I would like to share some of the happier times too xxxxx
Stage 4 Mouth Cancer Is Gone

November 5, 2017
I am home everybody. Just got here. I am one happy Stage 4 mouth cancer free survivor! Squamous Cell Carcinoma is the name – gone forever is the game. Thank you all for the prayers and continue to pray for me because I will have to have radiation to make sure that there are no hidden or unseen cancer cells lurking around. But that will be after I heal. My jaw is still solen but the surgeon said it looks great and should be as good as new within the next couple months. I will keep you all posted! Thank you Jesus I am cancer free… Visit my blog at

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