After the RT finished, my mum's teeth slowly started to break off and leave just stumps in her gums.
Well, she has had them out in 2 or 3 attempts, each time preceeded by antibiotics. Her eating has been getting worse again because she has had nothing to chew with BUT today she has teeth.

I could have cried this lunchtime. She has waited so long to get to this stage, even though there was still some blood and obviously she was still numb (she only had them out thins morning) she had her dentures in and was beaming like a Cheshire Cat.

She just needs to get used to them now, which I know won't be easy, but at least nobody will be "doing" things to her and hurting her any more.
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Woo hooo! Fabulous news, Winnie.
Congratulations to your Mum. She has had a rough ride but has come such a looooonnnnng way. It's great to see/hear. All we need now is a photo on the album showing off her winning smile.
Winnie, Great news for mum.
I had RT and my teeth are still rotting 6 years down the line. I have endless absyesses and Ulsers but y Consutant would not chance taking my teeth out!
I have dentures over the teeth when I can bear them in but CANNOT eat with them as cannot open my mouth wide enough just enough room for a teaspoon without the denture in Banghead

Terrific news Winnie it won't be long and your mum will be into everything she can get her chompers into "Go it Mum" and you had better start stocking up the pantry.
Paul, I though of you when they said they would do it, as I was sure you couldn't have yours out. I wonder why the difference ?

She has a long way to go, but she is very positive and her mouth is healing, albeit still sore where she had to have stitches. She is very strict with herself and the salt mouthwash etc.

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