I don't know if you saw this post, but I would like to share my mum's success.

My mum was 75 yrs old when diagnosed with SCC of the tongue. She had partial glossectomy, a muscle flap taken from her tummy, lymph nodes removed, 6 weeks of radio therapy.

She "celebrated" her 76th birthday at home, tied up to a feeding machine, with a tracheotomy to help her breath.

We have just CELEBRATED her 77th birthday on the Greek Island of Kos, where she was presented and ate 2 birthday cakes by 2 different sets of people.

We ate out in different restaurants every night, she managed soup, bread, moussaka, ice cream i.e. all the softer stuff. She was dreading doing this before we went.

It's a long, hard, bumpy, sometimes terrifying - frequently heart breaking road, but there is life after mouth cancer.

How is she now ? Well, she is conscious of her scars and feels she has some trouble with her speech. She can dribble a bit when eating sometimes, but it bothers her more than it bothers anyone else. There are things she still can't eat, but she focuses on what she CAN eat. She still takes some Ensure to boost her calories, but not every day. Her teeth need fixing and she still gets tired BUT she goes dancing twice a week, has been on hols - coped with the flights etc., and is already looking forward to going back to Kos next year !!!

I would call that a success story, wouldn't you ?????
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Hi, all!
Had my tongue removed because of cancer in April. Glad to say that I am now able to eat soft foods orally. I feel like I sound horrible when I talk eventhough people around me seem to understand what I am saying.

Just started my blog:

Will share my day to day develoments in my blog.
Dearest Winnie,

What would you expect of the mother of an exceptional lady? She is your mum and mums are always one or more steps ahead of their kids irrespective of their age. I don my hat to her(I'll buy one to do it) for her courage and spirit.Do give a lots of love and hugs to the exceptional mother of an exceptional daughter.

Lots and lots of love to you too, alongwith my warm hugs,xxx and roses( my latest addition to all the lovely ladies).
Hi Winnie

Thank you so much for your positive update. it really does help when people just starting out on this journey read stories like your mum's.

Love to you and your family
Hi Winnie

Great to hear how well your mum has done. Sounds like a wonderful birthday and her story will be so helpful to others. Thank you for sharing it.


I think everyone can take some heart from my mum's tale.

We don't think "we've cracked it" and every day the first thing I ask her is "how are you today" and each day it is different. She does get bother with toothache now, but will see the dentist soon.

Her over-riding desire was for "normality" to return, without the endless visits to hospitals etc. and now the normal days far out number the others and she is just getting on with life, washing ironing, gardening etc.

I must say, for anyone living in the Bradford area, there is a fantastic support group CROAKIES which operates nr the Infirmary. she has had enless benefits from that and the services they offer. I think there's alink on this site.

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