My husband did have cancer of the mouth diagnosed 2014 and had his surgery 2014 December. The cancer was removed, we both were told that.
My husband did have a Feeding Peg , abdomen left side inserted while he was in the theatre 2014 to remove his cancer, the operation lastet 8 hrs.

My husband died on the 6 November 2015 in the local A&E Department , following airway obstruction which the health professionals did not open his airways . They palmed this on my husband's and myself.
DNAR was signed against our wishes , without informed consent.

A doctor phoned me and said , that my husband is dying unconcious , and i have to say this doctor was not very pleasant to speak to.

When I arrived at the hospital , and saw my husband laying in a side room , on a trolly , stretcher . I pulled the blanket off my husband , and did notice that my husband's feeding peg was cut into bits and a sharp needle or something like a sharp surgical instrument stuck in this tube.I am not making this up or have severe mental illness or something, it is facts.
My husband was left with a cannula stuck in his dead hand and a bandadge was wrapped around his dead hand.
Again I do not imagine things.
The thing is my husband did not die of his cancer, he died because some wise guy , ignored his Lymphedema , to refer my husband not to an specialist, even if my husband , which is the main patient and main concern.
Instead they run around my mental health , and find this funny.

Can you may as doctors or anybody within the forum answer my questions ,because I think my husband was abused and given euthanasia , which is here in the UK not allowed strictly not allowed.
They calling my husband a liar and myself too.
To be honest something needs to be done and not just talk.My husband was happy to survive after his first and final cancer and all the hopes was taking off him and away.
Because if my husband id die of a cancer why , have I not then the actual cancer biopsy results , or scan results ,PET Scans results?

Can you answer me that Dr Vinod K Joshi?

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