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My dad has just come out of hospital after having surgery for cancer on his gum the surgery went really well but he is struggling with foods he is eating we are blending everything for him an he can swallow it slowly but he is getting diarrhea straight after eating his food today he has cottage pie it was like sludge an he ate it ok but withing twenty minutes he got diarrhea is this normal he is very week an has hardly any energy .. I know he will be very week as he is still recovering from major surgery but the diarrhea is worrying as he isn't getting the nutrients he needs as the food is just coming straight through him any advice would be greatly appreciated as the nursing staff didn't tell us any information on what to expect just gave us his pain relief an vitamins an said his appointment with the doctor is next week make sure he rests it was like they couldn't wait to get him out .. its sad to see him like this so any advice would be helpful thanks sharon xx
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Hello there,

Have just read the message about your Dad. So sorry this has all happened to him and especially at this time of year.

I never had surgery but had hefty radiotherapy and some chemo. I was ill after two of the chemo sessions, but nothing that an anti emetic injection couldn't control. I would suggest seeking medical advice of some sort - and the sooner the better - as this is something that cannot go on, especially as your Dad is so weak. Even speaking to a doctor and explaining the problem might help. He/she might be able to come up with some suggestions that would help.

Please let us know how you get on,

Life's a bitch - then it has puppies.
Thanks so much for you reply I'm gonna speak to his doctor on Wednesday an see what she says she was the one that did the surgery on him so she should be able to tell me what's happening an what to do next .. so sorry to hear you were ill yourself cancer is such a horrible illness that know one deserves to get only wish that it would stop attacking people the way it does hopefully the future will be better xx
I do hope you have some luck - try to insist that something is done.

Do your best to try to enjoy the Festive Season - no easy matter when you spend most of the day cooking Christmas dinner and then can't eat much of it.

Take care and let me know how it all goes - I am away from tomorrow morning until Boxing Day afternoon.

Life's a bitch - then it has puppies.

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