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Hello pitzey

I am really sorry to hear that your dad has passed away so quickly. Throat cancers are difficult to detect and difficult to treat adequately when detected later. The treatment too does cause severe side effects. He is in no more pain now. I hope your dad had a good Christmas and New Year with the family. You will miss him but he will live on in your memories. Take care.

Best wishes
Vinod Coffee
Dear Pitzey, I'm so so sorry to hear about your Dad. My Aunt recently passed away in her sleep and it was a blessing to us all that she didn't suffer. I do believe it makes it a little easier on ones family knowing that our loved ones didn't suffer in their final moments. My thoughts are with you, hugs to you and your family, Cricket
I am so sorry to hear about your dad. There is so little any of us can say at a time like this, except to let you know that we are thinking of you. You had so little time to get used to the idea he was ill and it will now take time to accept that he is no longer with you though, as Dr Joshi says, he will live on in your memory. Perhaps you can take some comfort from the thought that you were there for him.


Hello Pitzey

I am really sorry to hear that your dad has passed away .It is a comfort he passed peacefully in his sleep.I know you have a good family and will all pull together to share and remember the happy times and childhood memories of your dear dad.

Our thoughts and prayers are being sent accross the ocean to you and your family.

Bell and Paul
Dear pitzey,

Am sorry to hear about your Dad. It's hard to hear, but be grateful that his illness was short and relatively painless. Even if we have 'issues' and some are glad that they live some distance from them, we generally want our parents around forever.

My parents passed away in consecutive years: my Dad after a short illness with lung cancer; my Mom after a ten year history of breast cancer (a five year remission in between bouts). Time goes by and the pain goes away; slightly at first, and then you realize that you've gone longer than a day or two without thinking of them. Don't beat yourself up when that happens! I had a young teen daughter at that time and life continued whether I wanted it to or not.

When something really great happens to me, like a promotion or a raise or some sort of recognition, I miss my Dad. I guess I was always looking for praise from him - I'm very lucky that he gave praise where it was due - this wasn't a futile attempt to extract something from an uncaring parent. He was my rock. When something traumatic or emotional happens, I miss my Mom. I didn't necessarily tell her about all of these instances (I've got my secrets!) but I knew she'd understand if I cared to share. As I told our poster Mum, if I needed a good cry, I could put my head in her lap and she'd run her fingers through my hair; "There, there, Mimi. Everything will be all right."

I made this post all about me rather than you and the recent loss of your Dad, but I'm trying to say (rather inadequately, I think) that we lose our loved ones and we mourn them for whatever period of time is appropriate for us as individuals. If we loved them we will carry them with us always - time lessens the obsession, mourning takes on a new meaning. They will never be forgotten and you'll always have that hole in your heart. It's all the cycle of life.

I wish you well pitzey. Take care. Please believe me, the pain lessens.

Hi Pitzey, so very sorry to hear about your dad. My dad died unexpectantly in his sleep the week my son started his radiotherapy. People said that in time it would become a consolation to me that he died peacefully and it has. He tucked himself into his bed and fell asleep and now I am grateful for the way he went.

Take care of yourself.

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