hi I'm Muriel , they removed some parts of my arm to reconstructed my tongue, now we are one month later , my arm still hurt like hell, my two fingers still numb, I moved and exercise the max I can , but still very stiff. I have a job how request my two arms and hands, do you know how long it will take for me to use my arm and hand at 100 % capacity, I'm still fithing with a lite infection on my incision also.and my other question it's, what do you recommand me to use in my mouth as a safety RINSE AND CLEANmouth, do mouthwash it's safe or you have like a homemade rinse mouth to suggest for me?thank you ,have a great day.Muriel
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Hi Muriel, I've always used Corsodyl mouthwash since my first op but dont know if you can get it in USA. Hagg.
Hello Muriel

The Corsodyl (chlorhexidine gluconate) mouth wash is marketed as Peridex in the U.S.

If your teeth are presently in good health, you can try keeping them so. The teeth are at risk from the dry mouth caused by lack of saliva. You can find out more about this complication and how to care for your mouth and teeth at the MCF Website section on Complications.

The advice given in this previous post on oral hygiene will help you look after your teeth.

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