Music and rock kept me alive but now I cant even do that.
I would so love to see AC/DC again as I first saw them in 1980 and followed every tour (Monsters of Rock 1984) missed 1991 as son was born. I even went to the making of the video of Runaway Train. I have seen them over 20 times but Angus was always my little devil on stage on bless poor Malcolm now.
I would also love to see the Foo Fighters as they were on my bucket list but...
And the mighty Thunder are also touring and I would love to see them again.
Its beyond bad when the pain even stops you from your escapes.
To all of you out there "I salute you"
Hi LR. Yeah it's cool that you cant go to gigs any more. Very unfair. We're off to Glasto again but ironically neither of us like the Foo Fighters lol. When they're on stage I will probably be lost somewhere in the Dance Village with the bass caving my chest in. At lesst if it rains you will be able to sit at home and laugh thinking I'll be up to my knees in mud ;-)
Good to see you are still here and kicking ass Hagg.
Music was my first love.
No live events since Halloween last year.
Black Stone Cherry and I broke my finger.
So wish I could do one even just for a day and I would pay good money to see the Foos. Such talent.
Take care and enjoy every second.

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