A little bit off topic but all through my hospital check ups at 3 months. 6 months and then yearly I played Appetite for Destruction by Guns and Roses in the car for the 45/60 minute trip each way.

That is something that I still have to play if I am going to any hospital now. Its kind of my anthems.

Do any of you have any special music to help you cope?
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I had an MRI scan once and they told me to bring a CD with me. I took Sepulturas Chaos AD. My wife said the staff were cringing but I figured it needed to be loud to compete with the scanner noise lol.
Appetite has to be one of the best albums from one of the best band lineups ever. 10 out of 10 for your musical choice littlerosie. It doesn't get much better than that.
The original version of American pie is a song that I sung to my children when they were very young and could not sleep. I knew the lyrics all the way through and have dug out my vinyl record of this.

Such brilliant lyrics and need to be taken in another context. Vincent is the 3rd song but it is a 1971 record.
Appetite was the most amazing debut album. When I listen to it now it still sounds as good as it did the first time. Funnily enough, the first time I heard Appetite was when I was in hospital in traction because I'd stuffed my bike into a wall and smashed myself up lol. Bikes and rock definitely go together. They are the two things that have got me through all the s*** I've been through so are very special to me.
littlerosieuk1; i bought the cd about 10 years ago in a sale at woollies, one of my better buys Smiler .

i recently bought a usb record player as well so i can play all my old albums, or record them to the pc if i want.....the wife wanted to throw them away as we never played them anymore. so i had to get a record player Smiler
Never get rid of the vinyl as it is part of your history. I sill have what was in 1986 a hifi system. The record player and half of the tape deck still work. Hope I don't need to replace the stylus anytime soon.
We all cope in different way but to me Appetite gives me that f**k you attitude which is much needed.
We all become quite messed up by radiation and lack of help for the long term problems.
Rock music is very special to me too.
Hi littlerosie. Not overly keen to be honest. I like the early Metallica stuff but cant see them playing anything from Master Of Puppets era. Most of the people watching them at Glasto wont have even been born then lol. I think it will be all stuff from Black album onwards and I dont really like that.
Yeah I watch stuff at Glasto that I wouldn't normally watch. Some of my favourites over the years have been Fatboy Slim, Pendulum, Mumfords and the Prodigy. They all had amazing atmospheres. The weirdest was Tom Jones and Shirley Bassey lol.
It certainly makes you feel your age at festivals but I was at Monsters of Rock in 1984 so think I deserve my place.
First real live rock band I saw was Thin Lizzy in Leicester (1997 I think) not counting all the local rock bands.
How far away is Glastonbury from you?
I am off to see Heavens Basement, the mighty Thunder and the oh so sexy and hot and improved with age Duff McKagan in Walking Papers at Clapham Common.
Someone will need to tip a bucket of water on me or feed me a few beers.
Glasto is about 2 hrs away. Saw Slash at Glasto one year. It was an afternoon slot on a hot and sunny day. Sat in a field on a sunny afternoon drinking cider watching Slash was amazing. First gig I saw was Anhialator in 1986 (I think lol)
Well you must be a bit younger than me.
Slash is another hot sexy bug*er.
We did the meet and greet thing a few years back with Velvet Revolver at Manchester Apollo and I got to feel his hair. Slash and Duff in the same room(Matt Sorum does not do it for me). What more could a woman want.
Loved Velvet Revolver and that mosh pit was one of the most lively I have ever seen.
Yeah I dont mind some new music but still preferring Motorhead, Slayer, Pantera etc when it comes to metal. I love rave and dance music as much as metal though and just about everything in between apart from country and jazz which I dont go much on.
My husband grumbles that I take him to way too many rock events and that I will not sit down if its seated and he hates the floor or the pit and all the sweat and beer. I refuse to go to opera with him but lol that's just me being me.

We will have to find some other positive topic to talk about as nobody seems to grasp the power of the mood altering music!!!
My excuse for not joining in on this one is that I very rarely sit down and listen to music. At least I now have a machine that will play tapes as most of my favourite stuff was downloaded from the radio years ago and therefore a complete mixture and cross section. I mostly drive in silence or I have something very loud on that I can sing(?) along to - providing the throat isn't hurting too much.
Good luck with the mri scan Petronel.

What are you doing with COPD Hagg?

I wake up every morning to Planet Rock. Its my alarm clock and play Planet Rock most nights while we eat tea. If I am driving I always play music and sing at the top of my voice. If husband has been in the car he has radio 2 on. When we are both out in the car its rock or silence.

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