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Hey everyone

Mr Shaodow (Elliot Haslam) from the 2007 Mouth Cancer Voice Awards wrote a poem/rap which the Mouth Cancer Foundation is now going to use as it's official theme song. Copyright belongs to Mr Shaodow and he's currently recording the song with a backing track which we can then play on the website. We're hoping he'll do live performances during our events. Here are the lyrics:


Seems like it’ll never happen
Mr Shaodow

It seems like it’ll never happen,
Mouth cancer a concept further than Saturn,
So you sit back, safe in your usual pattern,
While a small gang of cells start to quietly fatten,
This health stuff, man you don’t buy it,
So you smoke, drink and keep a bad diet,
A dentist could help but you don’t wanna try it,
And those cells have nothing to say they stay quiet,
It starts off with a chronic sore,
An ulcer, numb tongue or a swollen jaw,
It’s the kinda thing you could just ignore,
But those small cells ain’t so small anymore,
Where will it attack? You can make your choice,
Is it the mouth? Throat? Will it take your voice?
Not a joke, not a lie, the death rate is high,
Nearly every three hours someone else will die,
So would a life style change really be so mad?
Would a trip to the dentist be so bad?
Listen to my words man, cos it’s more than banter,
Think what you could lose, if you had mouth cancer.


Special thanks for his unique contribution to raising awareness! More info on Mr Shaodow at

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I beg to differ, there are many of us that have had throat cancer,
who have never smoked, never drunk spirits, and have always eaten healthy food.
For me this poem gives out the wrong message.
When I have said I have had throat cancer, people assume I was a smoker.
So the message is even if you eat well, and have an above healthy life style, you can still suffer.
I have been told that it could be due to a virus. ?????

I was diagnosed with mouth cancer at the age of 21. I had major surgery and six weeks of radiotherapy. My speech is significantly affected and I have had facial reconstruction. I never smoked or drank the cause of my cancer is unknown. I was puzzled and like many even medical professionals shocked nurses would be surprised when I responded with “NO” I do not smoke. I was a healthy young women in contrast my mother has smoked for nearly 25 years and she has had no health problems.....

You are right the poem does not send the message that sometimes there are no obvious causes but it does state the risks which are widely known and it does emphasise mouth/head and neck cancer which is not so widely known

I don’t think the author is trying to say do not worry if you do not do these things just be aware if you do

Mel x
Hello to all those non smokers and drinkers.

What I think is Mr. Elliot Haslam meant was for the people in general and not pointing out at any select group who never smoked or drank. As oral/throat or cancer of the laryx is associated more with smokers and drinkers - he chose to take the subject and make it as general as he could. I do not think he would add another verse for those who naver smoked or drank and yet contracted this sick killer.
I can understand how bad each of you'll feel but then life is such a Bi***! and there is nothing we can do as its beyond our control.
Love to all,

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