I just showed my doctor this sore, like a canker sore, dark red with white center in the middle of my lower lip It doesn't hurt, but right under neath that is a lump of skin. He wants me to see an oral surgeon. Does this sound anything like mouth cancer? Or something I should be concerned about. The sore has been there for a couple of months. But it isn't really sore. I am a 55 y female, smoked for the last 30 years. Please help
thank you....Brandi
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Hello Brandi

If the ulcer has been there for two months, it should be biopsied. Not all ulcers are cancer, but you need to know what it is. It is okay to think that it will be nothing serious, but you must take action! See What is a Biopsy and the other 'biopsy' topics in Q&A for info.

Take your doctor's advice and go see the oral surgeon!
Let us know how you do. We will all wish the best for you.

Best wishes

Vinod :coffee:

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