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The Mouth Cancer 10KM Awareness Walk took place on Saturday 17th September 2011 and was a huge success. Over 500 people turned out to support the Mouth Cancer Foundation.  

For those who did some fundraising, please will you send any donations by 31st December 2011 to the charity at the following address:
Mouth Cancer Foundation
PO Box 498
If any walkers have any photos, please send them in to us. Please email We will put them on the website in the next few weeks. Once I can get my videoclips edited (will have to learn how!), we will also put the short video of the Walk on the website too. 
Thank you so much for organising this, it was a great day and my first one.
I was an awkward so and so and wanted to run it (along with a lovely lady who ran just behind me for most of it). Managed to get lost (again, I'm an awkward so and so) but ended up doing 11.5k in total.
I couldn't get the Virgin Money giving site to work for me so I used Just Giving. But I'm proud to say that before Gift Aid and a donation from my employer, I raised just over £1000.
I hope to do it again next year Smiler
I am so proud of you for doing this. I must admit this is sour grapes. but it seems as if all of the benefits are for breast cancer. Even walks that promote awareness of all cancers just have pink ribbons and emphasize breast cancer awareness. I feel uncomfortable pointing out that there are other cancers, so I stay quiet. again. thank you.

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