Hi Rita, glad you are coming on the walk, I am coming with my wife, like you say will be nice to meet people. I think you have had very similar treatment to me so would be nice to talk, if interested in having a chat on the day I will email you with my contact details, contact me on john.mcvey@hotmail.co.uk

Or if anyone else would like to meet for a chat drop me a line.

Hi Everyone

Just to let you know that I've tried to raise awareness of mouth cancer with the younger age groups on Facebook. I've set up a group called "Mouth Cancer Foundation Walk 2007"... and it's slowly picking up. If you know anyone who uses Facebook, tell them to join this group - and it points you to the mcf website, the mcf walk site and mcf justgiving page.

Regards, Geeta
I might be coming up to Hyde Park to support all you guys on Sunday. My son is coming home from UNI, and we'll bring him back on Sunday. He's at UCL, and he's living just off Oxford Street.

To anybody thinking of driving up, there is no congestion charge on a Sunday, but the local car parks are extortionate, as we found out when we brought up all his stuff a couple of weeks ago.

How long will it take to walk the 10km, as I don't want to arrive too late, and miss you all?

Hi gang. What a great day it was for the walk. My wife and I both have blisters. It was good to see loads of people there to support the mouth cancer foundation. Sorry i didnt say hello to you just im a bit scared to approach people. I know i shouldnt be but iam. Congratulations to everyone who did it. Take care.
Hi all, Was great to be at the walk at the weekend went with my wife, like you Russ I found it difficult to say hello, as what do you say hi I am john and I have had tongue cancer, I think we will have to think of an ice breaker for next year so we can all meet each other. I am going to start by putting my picture on my name so at least everyone will know what I look like.

Bye for now

Hello all

The closing date is 31 December 2007 to make it easier for those who might see their family sponsors only during the Christmas holidays. We will deciding on the prizes for the best fund-raisers based on forms posted by this closing date.

We will still be accepting sponsorship forms and donations collected for the Walk after that date. So please do still send them in, however late! (Last year, believe it or not, we had two 2006 Walk sponsorship forms being sent in June 2007!)

Best wishes
Vinod Coffee
Thank you Dr Joshi. I dont want to seem as though im moaning but could i suggest something for next years walk? Could there be a couple of first aid places on the route of the walk? Just my wife and I had bad blisters on our feet? Just an idea? Thanks.

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