Hi Bell and Mimi
I think I will be the only entrant in the walk without a sponsor ~ would you care to back me, Please? I still haven't worked out what needs to be done but if you can hold off (and if you want to) til I get it sorted, I'll be very grateful.
Goodness me this is all so exciting for you Deborah and everyone else who will be strutting their stuff so of course we will sponsor you .Im sure Angiebaby with al her IT skills will soon have the sponsorship page up and running, so no worries .

The run up !!! to this great event will give the forum a boost and hearing about your outfits and I assume a little energetic preparation in the form of stamnina will take place soon.lol

Love Bell.
Yea Mimi ,you and I can be backseat coaches making sure they are all doing some gentle training in the evening and cutting out excess junk food etc to make sure they all reach the finish line on said day and not 2 days later because they are all gabbing and up to nonsense .

Tee Hee .
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