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I first noticed a lump in my mouth in about May last year. Was not really concerned at the time. Early October was getting very very concerned as it had got bigger and was painful. I started phoning my GP surgery but they would not give me an appointment. I finally got seen last Monday and was referred to GSTT under the 2 week wait clinic pathway. I am seeing the specialist tomorrow and am very scared. I am sure it is cancer. It feels like an alien in my mouth. I am worried about radical surgery. Can anyone tell me what to expect tomorrow?


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Hi, you sound pretty anxious.   That’s entirely natural.  And it’s also pretty normal to look back and think about “if only”.  However you are where you are.  

I assume from what you’ve said that you are meeting a surgeon / consultant.  

He/she will obviously undertake a more thorough visual inspection than your GP, and if she/he does need further intelligence with which to make a diagnosis then you may need CT / MRI scans and / or a biopsy (cutting a bit out and sending for specialist inspection). Obviously these additional checks won’t happen at the same time but they’ll progress you through things as speedily as possible

if can be a very anxious time.  At the moment it could be anything or nothing. 

Take care.  God speed. 

 What are the first signs of mouth cancer?

my friend who is 13 has been smoking for over 2 months (i know what your thinking, stupid right?) she then stopped and has now started again (-.-). we were in a lesson today and there my SizeGenetics Review was a poster on the wall about mouth cancer. my friend then started fussing over it and saying " what if i get mouth cancer?!!" i was trying to calm her down when we spotted a picture on the poster of loads of small lumps under someones tongue. she got out her mirror and started looking under her tongue. there were about 2 or 3 lumps but they werent close together and werent big at all. they just looked like lighter spots of skin..

What are the first signs of mouth cancer?
Is it normal to have lumps/skin like my did?
Can you tell from that info. if she has mouth cancer or not?

thanks xxxxx

Hiya.  Lets hope it’s nit a sign of cancer.  And maybe tell you friend I started smoking when I was 13 and last year they cut my tongue out.   I wish I hadn’t smoked.  

Only the doctor or dentist can diagnose so ask her to go there.  The signs are red or white patches in the tongue or gums.  Red or white uk era or spots which persist for a couple of weeks.  

Take care and good luck for asking for your friend ! 

Hi i was at the dentist a couple of days ago and she asked if I had noticed the white patch on my tongue..I didn't even know it wasbtgere as there is no pain or anything in this area and is under my tongue hence why I did not seen it...she asked another dentistbto have a look and birth agreed to refer me to the dental hospital to get it checked...should I be worried or what can cause this it her than cancer? 

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