Hi I am new here and I just wanted some advice. I have had an ulcer on my tongue for around 3 months. My gp arranged an appointment using the 2 week arrangement. I had a tongue biopsy yesterday, but I am worried about what my consultant said on my first appointment he said "we will cautiously say it's something serious" because I am a smoker and have recurring ear ache. this has worried me more than the biopsy but it is so hard waiting for a week for the results would they ring me if the results come back early. Also after reading your website about other symptoms I am even more worried because about 6 weeks ago I went to my gp because my nose was constantly blocked and 'crusty' bloody mucus was what was causing it was this one of the first signs?
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Hi there - sorry for your distress - the worry about your diagnosis is understandable.
If you are waiting for a week I think that is acceptable - I don't think they would call you (I might be wrong - who knows). You could call the consultant/relevant dept before the week is up. Whether they would tell you is another matter.
I was told i would have to wait a fortnight after having a neck lymph gland removed. I begged for a meeting the following week at an ENT clinic and I got the appt. I knew it was cancer tho
Hope it all goes well for you - tony k
Hi Lainy,

Yes, the wait is unbearable and you will go/will have been anywhere from despair to anger. I think Tony is right in that a week is a reasonable length of time to have to wait for results. Of course you are worried sick but we have to remember that there are lots of other unfortunate people out there also waiting for results and they are feeling the same as you - frantic!

Did your GP say anything specific about your nasal problems?

Please keep in touch and let us know haw things are going - we can give support, but not diagnoses.

Fingers crossed.

Life's a bitch - then it has puppies.
Hi, thanks for your replies. I feel a little better knowing that a week is less than some cases of course it will be the longest week of my life, can't wait for Monday. My gp didn't have any idea what caused the problem with my nose she just gave me some cream which made no difference.
Please persevere with the nasal cream - it does help. I have all sorts of peculiarities with my nostrils and the cream has helped in the past with inflamed, dry nostrils. Doesn't cure it completely, but does ease the situation.

Good luck for Monday - it is now Friday. I'll be thinking of you.

Life's a bitch - then it has puppies.

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