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Hi Gang. Does anybody watch or like Most Haunted? I do and i would love to go out and do a vigil with them somewhere and i would love to be part of the crew. Im sceptical about all of it bu last year i was at work and on the second floor and i felt like something had walked past me and brushed my arm.
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Hi Russ
I don't know about the show you mention, it obviously isn't shown down here but I did have a ghostly experience years ago ~ and I loved it!
I was travelling from Sydney to Melbourne on a train called the Spirit of Progress and I was sharing a sleeper with my two kids (then only littlies ~ about 1 and 2 maybe). We were all in the same bed and I woke from a dead sleep to be face to face with a man. His face was very close to mine. It was round and quite flat ~ like an eskimo is what I thought at the time. His skin was dark, as was his hair which was very straight. His face was very pock marked as though he had had bad acne and those marks were sort of dark blueish.
Anyway, I wasn't in the least bit frightened and although I couldn't 'feel' it, I was conscious of his right hand on my left shoulder. We kept looking at each other and I felt we were communicating in some way, he was reassuring me and comforting me. After a while (I suppose just a few minutes) his image began to move away and I watched until it was gone completely.
Once I couldn't see it anymore I could move (and only then, actually wanted to move). I got up and turned the lights on, looked in the cupboard and flicked the blinds, anything to see if it had been the light (although it was the middle of the night!) playing tricks on me.
This is such a vivid memory for me and still he gives me comfort. I loved it.
Some years later I was having my palm read, or cards maybe and the lady doing it told me she could see my guardian over my left shoulder and it was a man with asian features. I believe it was my friend from the train.

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