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A warning to everybody recently prescribed with morphine. It will make you very constipated, however because morphine stops the muscles in the upper gut from working, this will not feel like constipation. Keep a diary of when you 'go'.
This make sound like a scare story, but I would not want anybody to go through what I did. I got really constipated, and the medicine I was given was better suited to preventing constipation, than relieving it. The medicine starts the muscles in the gut working again, and forces everything in the lower gut out. I would like to say that there was only one way for it to get out, but after one partiucularly painful night this was no longer the case. I was in severe pain, and thankful for the relief offered by the morphine.
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I eventually balanced the need for morphine against the pain and severe discomfort of having to pass stools. - I mean 3 hrs of sitting on he loo crying in pain and discomfort while trying to give birth to to a bunch of walnuts!!! All this taking place in the middle of the night on a regular basis!!

I gave up morphine as soon as I was able to and suffered the pain instead! I just would not know what to do if I ever needed it again on a long term basis.
Is there no alternative?

cheers tony k
Hi Guys.

Not sure people will want to read about my experience - but while I using the morphine patches and my doctor was complaining that I was losing weight very quickly I tried to compensate by trying to eat more. The trouble was that because of my constipation - the only way was up and I was dreadfully sick and miserable and eventually dehydrated and had to be readmitted to have liquids pumped back in to me. I finally decided to eat what I could and to an extent ignore my doctor's complaints. One year on, I'm at a stable weight again and if it's ever possible would prefer not to repeat the past year. However, I must congratulate the team of specialists that helped me beat cancer as I'm back to a slimmer version of the old me - and feeling great!
Having not been on the forum for a while I was just reading some post when I came accross this subject!!!
This brings back very painful memories, Like everyone else I was on morphine along with loads of other medication. Not being one to 'go' regularly anyway this was the least of my worries until the pain started. The movical didn't work because I was already 'bunged' up.

12 DAYS without going.I can relate to sitting on the loo for hours..... Frowner
The answer is start taking the movical when you start the morphine.....I wouldn't wish that pain on my worst enemy.

Filppancy apart - I think with taking morphine or codeine based products you have to be very PROACTIVE to take laxatives before the problem arises. Trouble is as you say we don't know how bad it is until it happens. At the time I was prescribed Codanthremer which had a taste I just hated so wouldn't take it. In the end during treatment it gets so bad it literally comes down to medicating the other end so to speak!

If you are new to taking these medicines heed Jenni's warning.
I have been on Morphine for several years to varying degrees. The best advice I have is lots of fruit, especially berries, peaches, and melons. Additionally, fiber such as psyllium is the best. Two tablespoons of psyllium mixed with a glass of cold water and gulped before it solidifies works like magic. Get the orange flavor as its the best. By choice I no longer consume cheese, meat, and processed foods. This also helps a lot. If needed, I skip the morphine and take med. mara, for the day and that clears me up. I don't have cancer and cannot imagine what its like but I do suffer from severe pain and this concoction helps me a lot. Good luck.
I was here a few years ago, looking for a remedy for morphine caused constipation. I've been on morphine for a few years now. I think I have finally found something that works for me that isn't "prunes". I've used this for a monthg now. During that time I've used a pill form laxitive ONCE and suppository only TWICE. I start with a banana in the morning. At lunch I eat two slice of OROWEAT "Double Fiber" bread, plain, but I've had it with sandwich meat too. And I close he day with another banana. The banana makes it NOT HURT when exiting. I haven't been this happy for a long time. Try this, with lots of water. I truly hope it works for you and others.

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