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Oh. Mom! Your boys are gorgeous!

It should never be this tough. I hope you have family/friends that are helping you to get through this nightmare. I know that I couldn't have done it on my own if my daughter had been the same age as either of your boys. Your pix are very moving - must admit that I shed a tear or two.

Take care. I wish you well.

Hi Mom
I, like Mimi got very choked up when I looked at your pics. I don't know why since your boys are gorgeous and you all look very healthy and happy.
That's the trap of this whole situation for everyone ~ you get past the initial glitch and then spend the rest of your time looking over your shoulder ......
You take care of yourself and love yourselves silly.
Thinking of you way down here in Oz
Hi mom
yes its the children that tug at our heart strings isnt it. They are sooooooooooo lovely. Have faith I was diagnosed with breast cancer 2004 had op and radio therapy just got back on my feet feeling great then came the double wammy. Throat cancer diagnosed October 2008 had op + radio therapy and chemo and hey you cant keep a good woman down. Better still you cant keep us moms down. love the pix. hugggggggggggs Judy

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