This was difficult! Not so much because of downloading and following instructions, but because I didn't know what to include.

Decided to start at the beginning of my adulthood to Christmas, 2008.



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Great pics, Mimi!
I love being able to 'see' a part of the lives of our members.
Oh, and I do love the white gloves. I know a joke about white gloves .............
Hi Mimi, really good photos, you've been through so much and you're still smiling. One question though, why's that horse got a bag on it's head?. Hagg.

I sent you a PM about the horse's chapeau and then thought there might be someone else with an insatiable need to know.


It's to keep flies out of his eyes. Poor things can't get those hooves up to their eyes and ears to swat flies away. They can see through the cloth, so their vision isn't impaired.

Here's more than you ever wanted to know about fly masks.

(Designer Fly Masks)

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Finally, I was able to view those beautiful pics, Mimi. You really look good. Really reminds me of those days when I was in college...

Thanks for the pics.

... and i had always thought that the 'masks' were used to make the horse look scarier and so scare the natives! i look forward to being further educated. Smiler

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