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Please read the exchanges below and help me decide.
HelpingDad,Posted 29 September 2008 03:04 PM
"once again he is trying to divide and be insulting. he has posted two jokes (A letter from HER MAJESTY - THE QUEEN.... and The countdown ) that are not meant to be funny but meant to be mean. he sent me a pm about a topic that died over a month ago and I never even posted on teh eopic but he confused me with Mimi - I could get really smart back with him and he would lose again but I believe this board should be about helping and unity and connecting......just thought you should know he is back to old tricks...."

Dr Vinod K Joshi, Posted 29 September 2008 06:05 PM
"Hi HelpingDad
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion of what makes them smile. Sometimes one can make a mistake about what might appeal to another. I suggest that if you see his jokes in that light, you will not see any insults but only light leg-pulling."

HelpingDad, Posted 29 September 2008 07:37 PM
"wrong - his follow up message of the count down is just meant insult and harm - his PM to me about a topic that died over a month ago but he wanted to fight about again even when I was NEVER part of that post is NOT light humor - he is insulting and so are you for not recognizing. You cover for him all the time. Several posters on here know and are afraid of him because you cuddle him.....I am good I do not need to be a part of this board I have found another that does not have an Ananth...take care"
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I think there are bound to be times where people argue on a forum like this, it cant all be sweetness and light when everyone here is touched by cancer in some way. The very nature of it means at times some members are bound to be stressed and things may boil over.Hopefully things will calm down in a while.
I can think of jokes about most countries that really would be seen as offensive so I dont think they were that bad. Hagg.
Hi Dr Joshi

I agree with Hagg.

While I'm ignorant of the PM's that passed between HelpingDad and Ananth, and the degree of acrimony that may exist between them, I'm not sure if suspending their rights to post is the thing to do--besides, it looks, unfortunately, as though HelpingDad has already decided to quit the forum entirely.

Hi! Dr. Joshi & Others,
Lighten up there have been jakes made about people from every race and creed for as long as people have communicated with each other, so what. Humour is a wonderful way to get some off the bad thoughts out of your mind whether it be the dreaded "C" or a friend who is sick, a little laughter always helps clear the mind.
I myself often look at jokes in the site just to take my mind of the problems that are occuring to me now.
In regards to the poll I myself would not like to see anyone band from posting regardless of their opinions as we(I am assuming others like me)like to read there input as there is always something that we can respond to or gleen from.
To cap it all off if you don't want to read a post then don't and if you don't agree with the post then ignore it. No one (Even Ananth whom I still regard as a friend) deliberately posts to offend.

Get over it

PS Dr. Joshi please don't include me in this poll LOL
Hello Dr. Joshi and the community,

I haven't been on the site much lately, but did read some of the e-mails awhile back ago that are being referred to.

Although I may not agree with all the posts on the boards, everyone has the right to their own opinion and if they feel the need to express that opinion they should be allowed to. Ones opinions should be expressed as an opinion though and not as fact.

I don't think either should be suspended. Many of us use this site as a sounding board for their opinions and shouldn't be condemned for them. Fighting between each other though should be avoided at all costs. There's so much pain and suffering affecting us all who use this site. Arguing is useless and doesn't help anyone, emotionally or physically and just doesn't have a place here.

The joke forum is a great place to get a good laugh and relief from our daily battles, but jokes should be placed in the right category between light humor and adult material.

Didn't mean to rattle on, but I hope all parties involved can call a truce and remain members of this excellent forum.

Best wishes to all, Cricket
I think there should be a "suspend neither" button too.

Jokes are jokes - therefore in the Humour section. If you're not in the mood for a laugh - don't look at them - you can usually tell the direction they are heading by rading the first few lines! As long as they are in the right category I don't see any need for any more action.

Most people here have suffered the intolerable and overcome the un-imaginable, gathering their strengths from all directions - including this excellent site - let it carry on.
I agree with the "suspend neither" option. We are all adults on this board and have a choice as to which posts we read/take notice of/respond to. This is a wonderful forum; I have always felt completely supported on here. It is such a shame if people start to fall out - we do also need to be tolerant of each other, bearing in mind what we have all been through or are still going through. We are in this together!

I didn't find the jokes offensive or mean, but then I am not American. And, as Julia said, we are not party to private messages that have passed between them.

That said - I think both Ananth and HelpingDad have contributed a great deal to this forum and it would be a shame for either of them to have to leave, though of course either may choose to do so.

Best wishes
Interesting posting. When I was feeling xxxx, sorry for myself, trying to be better and make conversation, I came out with all sorts of crap. Being a pub regular some said well what's new. I think most understood I was under the influence of all sorts of drugs and wasn't really myself.
But joking apart you cannot beat a bit of banter and a few jokes and a few beers to make one smile and laugh. We miss this when we are poorly, I did a lot.

Being fortunate and getting over this disease is amazing. This site has helped a lot in this respect. So in agreement with all the previous postings on this topic all I can say is please don't ban anybody, certainly not these 2 authors, absolutely not worth it.

And to cap what I am saying I just ate mash with carrot, onion, cheese and marge, with some chicken fillet. So there. "Didnt they do well"

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