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Hello All

I would like to invite 3-4 members to attend a head and neck cancer media event on Monday 30th March between 11am and 1.45pm in London being organised. We intend to make journalists more aware of mouth cancers and the pyschosocial support that our members need. It will help increase the public's awareness of this 'cinderella' cancer. We are inviting Dr Gerald Humphris (University of St Andrews, Fife), who specialises in psychological needs in oral facial cancer to address the briefing.

I would like to have some patient and spouse members at the event to allow the journalists to speak directly to survivors of head and neck cancer about the social isolation and despair of living with mutilated faces and struggling to talk, chew and swallow, and the constant fear of recurrence. I really think this will add a lot of value to the event.

Please let me know (email: ) if you would like to assist.

Best wishes

Dr Vinod K Joshi
Chief Executive
Mouth Cancer Foundation
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