Hi All,

Maggie had her first follow up appointment today one month post Radiotherapy. The result is positive if not conclusive. The neck tumours appear to have gone but there remains a "mass" on her right side base of tongue. Radiologist suggests that treatment may still be working and swallowing will become progressively better. Maggie must gain weight however between now and the next appointment which is 9th April. We have been given advice on diets and encouraged to start Maggie back on solids, mushy cereal, mince, mashed potatoes pasta etc.

The radiologist and ENT consultant looked into Maggie's mouth which made her gag, and muttered something to each other which I could not pick up.

For the moment the emphasis is on putting back bulk so we will see how it goes.

Keep you all posted, as we move forward, Alan
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Hi there Alan
glad to hear Maggie is making some progress albeit in small amounts.How are you coping,and how is your health now?Susie and i were wondering how things were when we met on sunday.

love liz xx
Hi! Alan,
Great to hear about Maggie and from now on its onward and upward, During my treatment I was drinking "Sanitarium Up & Go" it came in three different flavours "Chocolate,Banana & Vanilla" they where very tasty( that is or was until I lost my taste ) they were for giving Bulk food that I used to have before I went to the gym each morning, they are full of vitamins and Calories.
I used to drink Sustagen with Malt added to it and these helped get my wieght up even though I was still losing but not as much, currently I am stable and having to eat and drink high cal foods.
Best of luck to you both, I'll be thinking of you always.
LOVE Trev.
Hi Alan,
Good to hear from you and about Maggies progress.
I don't know if this has happened to anyone else but after years of preferring savoury food my palate has changed and I now really enjoy sweet things, getting them down the throat though is another matter as I'm sure we all know!
I'm still having a battle trying to fatten myself up but have found a sweet treat that goes down really easy.
Tesco's do an own brand Creme Caramel. The sugar content is a bit high but each 100gm pot has 120 calories and it slides down no problem at all.
Hope it helps.
Take care and good luck to you both,
SusieR x
Hi! SusieR,
I came across a treat that as a child used to have regually, and that is Menz Yo-Yo Biscuits and these I used to DUNK (yes DUNK) in my Coffee (yes I used to drink coffee as a child) and I also used to put 3 Yo-Yos in my cereal bowl prior to putting my Weet Bix on top and then add the hot milk and sugar. Well with out making everybody SICK I have found that 6 biscuits to DUNK has reignighted my love of sweet things and it is also adding some wieght to my body. I had to stop the habit as I had added 3klgs and didn't want to get my BIG body back to quickly. I hope this gives you something else to try as it was a real treat for me when younger.
Morning trevor its 3.40 am and i have been awake again for over an hour.reading your post reminded me of my childhood.We used to dunk ginger snaps,which were sooooo good as long as you didnt leave them in too long,cos then they went soggy and the bottom dropped off in your tea!!!

love liz
Hi! Cocky,
And I thought that you would have had "Cookies" Big Grin. Great to hear from you again, I hope you are keeping fit so when you get here you can see the sites of the Barossa Valley (Wine District)
Love Trev
Hello my Friends,

Thanks for your tips, I bought a bottle of malt extract a couple of weeks ago but it has yet to be opened. I will definitely get Tesco's own brand creme caramel caus eif nobody else eats it I sure will.

Its great to know you lot care if only I could give Maggie my extra pounds Oh If only I could!!!!!!

As for me I can say that I have had my heart and circulation checked out and they are both to all accounts par for the course bearing in mindf my age (and weight). Nothing to worry about but I have been told to up my exercise.

Easier said than done Maggie thinks I am out of the house enough as it is and while she is poorly feel guilty about that.

take care all, Alan
Hi Alan

Glad to hear Maggie is doing well.Will keep you both in my prayers. Mmmmm Liz thanks you just reminded me of my childhood too. Ginger biscuits dropping off into my cup of tea. You had to get the dunk time just right didn't you!

Love Mum
Hi Alan

Good to hear about Moggie's progress and good luck with helping her put on weight. I remember being really excited about going on a soft diet because it involved ice cream and chocolate custard, but I soon got fed up even of those!

hi glad that all is well with maggie,i too have found that i can eat sweet things biscuits dipped in coffee are fine and i can also manage 1 slice of bread made into a sandwich evry day.plus i still have my food in the peg.its hard to fatten yourself up as i am having the same problem.so good luck to maggie.i might try the caramal egg too.love shirl xxx
Great news about Maggie. My mother very kindly told me this morning that my 'rear end' is getting larger! I've lost three stone since the start of mouth cancer but I am starting to put weight back on - due to my fettish for Rolo deserts with a large dollop of ice-cream (popped in the micro for 20 secs just so it all slides down easily!) Getting into a size 12 is the only 'plus point' of this illness - maybe I should give up the Rolo's for Lent!!!
Hi! All,
Good on yah Maggie, I have been trying different things to eat and have come across something that goes down real well and that is "Subway Wraps" not only are they delicious they are also healthy and sadly low in calories, but I do have to add extra (and I mean lots) Ranch Sauce, Mayo and Chilli sauce on an Italian BMT with Tomato, Onion, Gherkin, Beetroot, Cucumber & Olives. The Wrap itself goes down the throat quite well (with a drink).
My concern now is that whilst I am experimenting with different foods I find my weight is starting to go up and albeit slowly but it is still increaseing and that I am not overly happy about.
wife fixed me a package of chocolate pudding each day with some ground up pecans.... so i would kill those 6 or 7 bowls of it, 2 bowls at a time. and of course i have already mentioned that i was eating the banquet tv dinners, salisbury steak which are high in calorie content and go down easily. also drinking chocolate milk. wife was on me about the high sugar intake, however i would shut her up. breakfast was 1 1/2 cupts of oatmeal with 1 cup of milk and 1/2 tablespoon of brown sugar. wife was on me about the high sugar intake, however wife was on me about the high sugar intake, however i would shut her up with "i'll worry about sugar later, right now i'm more concerned about handling my current situation......
Hi All, Good news that everybody's doing well. I'm now three months from treatment and returned to work part time. I'm managing to keep my weight stable and also a size 12 for the first time since I was 16!!! My friends say I look great in skinny jeans.

My tips are adding Calogen to your meals (you get it from the dietician)as this is an easy way to add calories. I eat Muller Rice with apple - easy to eat and 200 calories a pot. I'm still on 2 x Ensure + a day (coffee flavour is my personal favourite) and if I haven't managed many calories I have a Scandi Malt. This is Scandishake mix (on prescription) with Horlicks. Makes 600 calories in one drink according to the Scandi recipe booklet.

Also try using Tesco's greek yoghurt with honey and half a mango to make a smoothie - 200 calories a tub and easy to drink.

My latest thing is avocado with cottage cheese for lunch, as avocado's are full of calories and far easier to eat than salads. I ate my first tomato since the radiotherapy yesterday without wincing!!!

Trev, How can you bear to eat chilli sauce? Since the radiotherapy, I only have to have something mildly spicy and it feels like my mouth's on fire.

Hope these tips help.

Hi everyone vic has got the all clear from his lymph nodestwo weeks ago. He has to go back for check ups and they have told him when he puts the weight back on he lost then he can have his peg feed taken out.

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