Macmillan need 1000 cancer survivors to take part in a survey into a fantastic new cancer support service currently available in the US – Livestrong Careplan from the oncolink website.

The plan provides personalised and tailored advice based on the treatments and side-effects you have experienced. Please complete the care plan and then fill in Macmillan’s survey.

Your responses will help decide whether a UK version of the care plan should be developed and help patients to manage their condition more effectively.

Please use the link below which will take you to the National Cancer Survivorship Initiative web page.

Click on the oncolink care plan to complete your care plan.

Return back to the NCSI web page and click – link to the survey to complete and submit.

We would really appreciate your support and please pass this information onto any other cancer patient /group you may know.

In anticipation of you agreeing to assist us in this way, we wish to thank you. Together we can improve the lives and experiences of the ever increasing numbers of patients who are living with and beyond cancer.

The 1000 People Project
The National Cancer Survivorship Initiative

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