11 years on from my tonsil cancer operation, chemo & radiotherapy, I have now developed Lymphoma.
Anyone else been down this path? I'm guessing it may be as a result of all that radiotherapy!
My initial observation is that the treatment (immunotherapy/chemotherapy) is nowhere near as debilitating as it was for my tonsil cancer.
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HI - I have it - diagnosed 4 weeks ago, but it seems its not too much too worry about - evidently i am getting some massages booked - mine is in my throat (Under my Chin) so now i look like i have 3 chins instead of 2 ! - Hope yours is ok - let me know - David Smiler
Hi David
Sorry that it's taken me a while to reply!
To be more accurate, I was diagnosed with MGUS 7 or 8 years ago for which the protocol is just "watch & wait" with 6-monthly blood tests.
In November, tests revealed that action may be required.
Lots of scans, blood tests & a biopsy of a tumour near my lower spine (of which I was unaware!) gave a diagnosis of Waldenstrom's (a type of Lymphoma).
I'm now in my 4th of 6 cycles of treatment and it is fairly tolerable. Mid-term tests indicated that some progress was being made...

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