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Hi 6 years ago I underwent a radical neck dissection. Since the opperation I have regular sore throats which ive been told is tonsilitis(didnt realise you had more than 2 as had mine removed at 8!). Any way the last few months I have had terrible sore throats, Viral infections and then the flu after xmas. This sore throat has lasted nearly 3 weeks. so my questions:1) Does removing all lymph nodes from the neck compromise your immmune system? ie more prone to infections. 2) should I consult my oncologist due to the length of time this sore throat has been on the go! Docs will just say its viral tonsilitis even though they know history.
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Hello Twinmummy and too the rest of the forum, ( new guy on here)
I have just finished 7 weeks of rad and 2 chemotherapy for cancer of The left tonsil and like you had mine removed as an 11 year old. I asked how I could have a tumour on a tonsil not there, was explained to me that although the tonsil was removed a layer of the tonsil cells was left behind, doing the same job which is grabbing any nasties that try to infect us. The lymph glands do the same job. So it stopped the cancer going further down the throat.
I hope that has helped, any more info I can supply please don't hesitate to ask.
It is a long road to travel and this is the one time we want to get to the destination without too much hardship taking the journey.
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