I have several little hard lumps in my throat and also on the side of my mouth. Its more irritating than anything else as I have no pain whatsoever.

Occasionally I will get a sensation on my face, as if I have had an injection at the dentist which is wearing off.

I have a wierd taste on the side of the mouth where the lumps are and my mouth waters alot on this side.

My voice is sometimes croaky and I feel that when I swallow its exagerated, like its a real effort.

I have seen the doctor and he couldn't see anything at the time but now they are quite visible. I am waiting to see the ENT specialist
but this is driving me mad.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi Di, dont know about the lumps but at least you have seen the Dr and are in the system. You'll always find support on the forum too. Hagg.
Hello again,

Yesterday was my appointment with the ENT clinic where the doctor took a look down my throat with a camera and took some pictures.

There is what looks like a large (although I do think it was magnified so could be small)growth on the back of my throat just above my voice box.

The doctor said it could be a cyst, but wants me to see another specialist asap but with the Easter holidays I can only get an appointment in two weeks.

I also have to have a Barium Swallow.

If anyone with any experience of this could give me so information I would be grateful.



I had my second appointment yesterday where I saw a different ENT Consultant.

He look with the camera again, and said I have to have a CT Scan.

I have no idea what is going on or what is wrong. I was sent out of the room whilst the consultants spoke.

As you can imagine my mind is running riot and I would appreciate if anyone could tell me why I have to have this scan, or just put my mind at rest.
Good afternoon Di,
I can well imagine how your mind is working at the moment, in these cicumstances we always conjour up the worst case scenarios.

At times the professionals seem to forget to put the patient in the picture, I don't know whether this is intended or an oversight, either way round it only serves to heighten the speculation, and seems to me to be most unhelpfull.

Before your next appointment write down all the questions which are buzzing around in your mind; and be sure to ask the questions. In the meantime it might be an idea to ring the clinic which you attended and ask to speak to the MacMillan nurse, these ladies are are Girl Fridays at getting things done and will bend over backwards to set your mind at rest. Spend a little time preparing the questions you want answers to. Making a list of questions is important because a high percentage of people tend to forget half the agenda when faced with authority. I have been attending the maxfax once a month for four years now and I am on first name terms with many of the people I see but if I have a question(s) I still take a list.

Keep Smiling Razzer
Hello again,

Well I have finally had my CT Scan after a lost referal.

I went on Monday had the scan, on Tuesday had a phone call to say that I needed another scan, but this time with dye injected.

Still no wiser as to what is wrong but hopefully will have the answers next week when I see my consultant.

But on a positive note, I haven't smoked since I saw the images on screen when I had the camera down my throat and that is 5 weeks ago.
Well done Di,
At five weeks you are well over the worst, just one thing though don't ever be tempted to take "just one puff" because this would set you back a long way and you have worked too hard over the last five weeks to waste all that effort.
I hope next week brings the answers you are looking for.
Keep Smiling Razzer

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