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i have just noticed that i have a small lump underneath my left gums on the lower jaw (under the tooth that is right behind the canine). This lump is small - i mean *small* (like 2-2.5mm in diameter), and it is "V" shaped. It is under the skin and does not move when i push on it, and it is hard like bone. It is almost as if it is part of the root of the tooth. The very bottom of the "V" is slightly whitish, but not more so than the whitish parts of the lower gums (i.e. under the canines).

Anywho, i looked at:


to see if anything appeared to match. It looks slightly like figures 1.55 and 1.56, except it is smaller and not as whitish as those (it looks like the color of the skin around it for the most part, although my wife could see it when i pointed it out). Are these things in the picture generally hard like i describe?

i just noticed this for the first time about a week ago. Quite honestly, i never would have seen or felt it (it is *right* under the part of the gums where the bottom of the teeth end) except i was just running my toungue along that area and felt it. i figure i will wait until the end of the month to see if it has grown or changed before rushing off to my dentist or general practitioner.

Thanks for the help,
Matt (the_grip)
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Hi Matt

Guess you have done your homework! If it is as you describe, it is most probably a fibrous or boney lump and not a cancer. Let us know how you get on. See your dentist if you feel it get bigger or change.

Best wishes
Vinod Coffee
Dr. Vinod K Joshi,

Once again, you are soooo helpful. What a blessing it is to have you available to the masses like this Wink

i just got through with a round of dentistry/physical exam and it will be about 6 mos. until my next scheduled one. Would you consider it safe that if this thing stays "as is" at the end of the month to just keep an eye on it until then? Or should i hit the dentist sooner? Quite honestly, i am not that worried about it... the hypochondriac in me just gets riled up when i start sifting through Internet material to research. It doesn't help that i was a smokeless tobacco user for a number of years... that makes me all the more worried about every square millimeter of my mouth.

Thanks again for your help. i am in your debt.

Matt (the_grip)
Would you consider it safe that if this thing stays "as is" at the end of the month to just keep an eye on it until then?

Answer: Yes, i trust your hypochondriac's eye Smiler
hi i recently found a lump in my jaw and when i press it it moves and hurts a lil,plus its hard im abit worried about it and was woundering if you could help me ?
Hello xstaciex

Please see your doctor or dentist about the lump especially if it doesn't get better within 3 weeks of appearing or is growing bigger. Do let us know how you get on.

Best wishes
Vinod Coffee
hi i have 3 lumps under my chin at the top of my neck in the middle, they have been there for some time now they do not hurt at all. They feel slightly hard and move when i push on them i don't think they are spots as they cant be popped they are the same color as my skin and haven't changed in size. i also have had my throat burning slightly, i don't know if its to do with this or not. I have recently had a wisdom tooth grow through at the back of my mouth. i am 18 yrs old and male. hope my information helps you, help me and others.

what do you think they could be?

Hi, I also have a lump on each side of my jaw. i have jaw pains off and on everyday. when i press it, it moves too and is quite hard. it seems to get bigger and then stops.
i found the first one back in october. and then by november, i found the other one. my doctor said it was just a swollen lymphnode gland because i also had a small cold. he gave me medicine only for the lump. and when i was finished with the medicine and my cold, it was still there. and the pain wasnt going away. i soon developed another cold. and with that, i found the other lump. this one was smaller but now is the same size as the original. i went back to the doctor and he said there was a chance of it being cancer or my wisdom teeth. he again gave me stronger medicine for the lumps and hoped they would go away. they didnt. they are still there and it has been over two months. i visited my orthodontist just earlier today and had x-rays done there. the x-rays showed nothing but when he felt the lumps, he was concerned. he recommended me see his oral sergent friend in another town. im very scared that its not my wisdom teeth. they didnt act like they could seem them coming up to my gums in the x-rays.
please write back telling me how your lumps are or how you treated them.
thank you for listening
ok so i also found hard lump its under my teeth but kinda on my jawline, kinda freakin out! i dont have any insurance.. i dont know if i should be worried or not. it has been sore for a few days just happen to touch it today and realize there was a lump there im not really sure what to do next i dont really have alot of money to run to the doctor if its not anything or if there is somthing over the counter i can take but ill try to go if its somthing bad pleassse let me know thank u
Reminder: It is not possible to make a diagnosis over the Internet. If matters don't improve or you need a diagnosis, please see your dentist (or doctor).
well im 13 going on 14 next year i got the same probs as well the lump is not hard its gone bigger a little bit and softer like blister sort of thing please help me Help
Hi lol

The best course of action for you to take at this point would be to have your parents set up a dental appointment. The internet (including this site) is generally not a good diagnosis tool.

I'm hoping everything turns out well.

I have had MRI, CT and Dental xrays on my lower mandible area, mainly because one of my MRI's for a possible trigeminal disorder showed a small shadow in the left mandible area . My three month MRI (latest one) has shown this shadow area has grown to 11mm x 6mm. They sent me to a head and neck specialist, he looked down my nose into my throat and noticed nothing, (obviously because I have no problem in my nose or throat), then looked in my mouth. Again saw nothing, again because I do not have a problem inside my mouth. He felt my cheeks and noticed I was a little swollen on the left side and told me to get another dental scan. I have had no pain in this area, just some corner of lip numbness, and pins n needles but mort like jabs, tingling nose and cheek.
Since seeing the specialist, my jaw bone on the outside of my face near my chin (just before my chin) has been tender, but only when pressed. And inside my mouth on lower gumline (more like between gum and cheek where the groove is) I can sometimes feel a small firm lump. But because of where it is you haveto press firmly to find it, it cant be visually seen.
The possible differential diagnosis I got, and reason they sent me to the specialist was, phlegmon, SCC, or osteo scarcoma.. or possible osteomylitis. No biopsy has been taken. On my previous visit to the dentist because of the shadow on first MRI, I had two teeth taken out, the dentist is adamant he saw no infection in either of these teeth or the gum line. Should I ask for a biopsy? Could this be a cancer on my mandible bone?

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