Hi, i am probably worrying about nothing, but as i have never had this before, and a search sent me here, i thought i should check.

I have been very lethargic for a long time now, have been to docs this morning, having blood tests. This afternoon my right side of my face and jaw became very painful. At first i thought toothache, but as none of my teeth hurt, i figured it wasnt that. As i have sat here this evening, it is becoming increasingly difficult to move my head, the pain is worsening, and i have noticed a small lump on my jawline going down to my neck. It is very painful, and i cannot bite my teeth together, as the pain is too much nor will they actually go together.

I am concerned, but there isnt much i can do this evening, so if anyone could help and put my mind at rest, as soon as i was directed to this website i freaked of course. I am probably being a hypricondriac (sorry about the spelling), but as i cant sleep thru the pain, and painkillers havent worked all day, i thought i would check with those in the know.

Thanks for reading.
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Hi Ruby

Ask your GP to refer you to either an oral surgeon or an otolaryngologist/head and neck cancer specialist. That is the first step.

Also, I know that pain in this area hurts like a son of a mother, but try to go easy on painkillers.

We've all been where you are now, Ruby--they're very dark, indeed, but better times are coming.

Let us all know how things turn out.

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Hi Ruby, Dont panic very flippant I know but that does not help you. Try to relax and go to your GP .
I know how you feel have many sore lumps even after surgery and I am going to the Dentist at Maxfax tomorrow as I have lumps on my chin and I do hope its my teeth causing it??

Please let us know how you get on.


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