Hopefully you can provide some insight into my problem. Please bear with my question.
3 months ago, I noticed I had a small semi-firm non-painful lump on the bottom of my inside gum under my tongue. You cannot see this lump, except for what looks like something pushing from the inside causing a whitening of the otherwise pink gum. I say it is semi-firm, because part of the lump feels hardish, and the rest is spongy, (imagine stretching a bit of cloth with your finger... The hard bit is your finger, and the rest of the bulge is the spongy part). It has not increased in size, but if I try to press it flat, (which I have done constantly... Stupid, I know) it seems to irritate it and swells slightly, before reverting to original size. The tooth above this lump is my 2nd premolar. This tooth had a crown/filling which fell out roughly 5 years ago and is now partially decayed. In the years gone by, I have packed this tooth out with temporary filling stuff. I have tried to consult an emergency dentist, but will not be seen, as I am not bleeding, nor in pain. I am worried this could be something sinister. I am 37, and a smoker
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Forgot to mention, in the past couple of days my upper teeth, cheekbone, and behind my eye, all on the same side as the lump, have started to ache, but not too much... A burning sensation really. The tooth I mentioned does not hurt, but is slightly sensitive to cold
Hello Stuey

It is not possible to make a diagnosis over the Internet. It sounds like a dental problem and I suggest that you arrange to see a dentist for a proper diagnosis and dental treatment. If a filling dropped out 5 years ago and is decayed now, it needs attention, don't you think?

Best wishes
Thanks doc.
Reading what I have wrote, it is a bit obvious, but I am something of a hypochondriac, and the worst always enters my mind. Just needed someone with knowledge to give me a faint idea of what the problem may be, failing that, a slap around the face! I got in touch with 111 yesterday, and they told me to go to the walk in dentist, but they refused to see me. I am registering with a dentist, but am facing a 8-10 week wait. I had a great dentist years and years ago, and I didn't bother going back. Stupid stuff Frowner
Anyway, thank-you for your reply. Best wishes.

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