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Hey all. I haven't been able to get into a Dr. yet, but I have a question. I've seen a couple of messages referring to this, but not exactly.

I have a small lump (the size of a pea?) on the INSIDE of my tongue on my right side. It can't be seen by just looking, however, sometimes, if I bend my tongue back behind my teeth, you can see a white spot where it's trying to protrude. However, I can tell the white is just the skin stretching and not the lump itself. It's painless unless I press on it too much, then my tongue gets sore. And it seems more prevalent in the morning when I first wake up. As far as I know, it hasn't grown any, but it does seem to me like it will change size throughout the day. I have a habit of biting down slighty and pushing the area back and forth through my teeth, so that seems to make it smaller. If I press too much, with my teeth or fingers, the size goes down but will return to a certain size. However, that size is not generally the same as in the morning. Am I making sense here?

I'm 26, not a smoker or chewer, and not a heavy drinker. Just at social events and on weekends. I consider myself in good health with having no major problems in the past. I'm not overweight, but I could lose about 10 lbs to get to my "regular" weight.

Anyway, I'm holding out hope it's just a messed up gland. Does anyone else have any ideas, or experiences like this? Thanks.
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Hello everyone! Just like you MySpamAddress, I have noticed a lump the size of a pea inside the right portion of my tongue, just about half an inch from the tip of the tongue. And yes, in the mornings it feels 'bulkier'. I also press it with my teeth and that seems to decrease it's size, but pressing it too much also makes it painful. I went to an ENT and he told me that sometimes glands in the tongue get blocked and become bulky. Weeks have passed and I still have the lump and I'm getting bothered by it, even thought I don't have sympthoms that might indicate something serious other than the lump itself. In a previous post, a person experiencing the same condition was told that it was due to a salivary duct and that she had it removed. Could the surgery to move such lump cause other complications such as loss of taste or movement, swallowing problems, or even speech? Any feeback would be greatly appreciated.

It isn't in the bottom of my tongue and when moving my tongue, I still cannot see the lump from the bottom or from the top. I just can feel it with my fingers and teeth. When I noticed the lump I obviously freaked. The ENT asked me if I had experienced loss of movement of the tongue, loss of taste, or pain. I have none of that. I will probably see my ENT again because I'm full of questions! LOL Take care!
Hello again! It's hard to describe it. Mine does not really poke out more from the bottom. I feel it the same from the top and from the bottom. It's kind of in the 'middle'. Probably it does not make sense. LOL. My lump feels like a bulky vein, probably half an inch or less long. By the way, I'm 23y/o, male, non-smoker and non-drinker. I just don't understand why I have it. Have you seen an ENT? For how long have you had it?
Hey there...I got a lump inside my tongue about a week ago, and I was very concerned...I thought it was serious as I smoke and have my tongue peirced...but turns out, when I went to my Doctor he just said, yep infection, thats it...he gave me some anitbiotics and the lump is now half the size, I have been on the pills for 3 days...sall good, except for the fact I have lost my tongue peircing...I took it out in hopes that the swelling would go down, and the hole closed :O....not happy Jan!!
but yeah anyway...thats my story

About 2 yr ago, I woke up lying next to my husband (then fiance) and my tongue had swelled so much that I spoke like Corky Thatcher from a 90's t.v. series. It took about a month or two for the swelling to go down enough where it didn't distract me into playing with the lump. It was in the middle or between the top and bottom layer of the tongue, as well.I went to my physician, and wasted a few hundred dollars for him to tell me he had no clue what it was, had never seen or heard of anything like it and to keep a close eye on it. I still have a hard lump in the middle of my tongue. Every now and then it will swell up, but usually "deflates" itself. All I can say is warm liquids, and Ibuprofen seemed to help.
Hi guys

I'm a three and a half year survivor of stage 2 tongue cancer. The left side of my tongue was removed and replaced with a piece of my arm. I speak as well as I ever did.

My tumor was located on the bottom of my tongue but gradually grew up and around the side and it didn't hurt nearly as much as my ear did (referred pain).

If you've already seen your regular doctors and came away with nothing conclusive, I strongly urge you to see an ENT.

Please keep us all posted--the folks on this site are really helpful.

Hoping for the best for all of you.

Julia (and Flappy the tongueflap)
I got the same thing a few months ago. It was a pea sized lump in the middle of my tongue which would get larger and smaller daily.
I have been using chewing tobacco daily for about 20 years.
I have just had a biopsy, and will get the results in a day or two. I'm glad to hear a few of these instances haven't been cancer so far. Also, my doctor mentioned it didn't look cancerous and maybe more like scar tissue.
Hello all-
I had the same thing, however, mine wasn't quite a pea sized was like an uncooked noodle, about a quarter of an inch or so. It was located on the right side of my tongue, and was about an inch or so from the tip of my tongue. I saw three people... my primary doctor who told me he was 85% sure it wasn't cancer, but then told me he wasn't sure what it was (who does that?), I saw my dentist who told me it was an infected or swollen gland (but also told me to see an ENT), and then an ENT who told me that it was an inflamed saliva gland, and she did the whole cancer screening on me.. through the nose, down the throat, everything. I used chewing tobacco for over 15 years, and the results came back as not cancerous. I was more worried then anyone will ever know. I guess what I want to tell you all with this problem is... Don't worry until you need to. There are many things that this could be, but go get it checked and move on. Also, early detection is a life saver, so keep tabs on yourself. The earlier the better. If ever in doubt, go get it checked out. My friends make fun of me because I tend to worry more then I should, but there is no price for my piece of mind. I hope this helps someone. And remember the power of the mind. If you believe you can... you can. Take care all!

I have the same thing in exactly the same position. Its a lump that my teeth have played with for a couple of years now (certain its more than 2 but I'm uncertain on how long). I actually thought nothing of it and now want to get it checked as in the mornings - especially if I wake up on my back - it can be really inflamed and painful if I chew it as I do throughout the day.

It did start out around the size just smaller than a pea, but its more like double that now. It used to go completely by the end of the day sometimes, but within the past year it does not.

No experience in this myself at all but saliva gland does seem to be a reasonable explanation as sometimes when I'm eating it can inflame as if I had just woke up, this kinda hurts a little bit if you try and continue eating, but give it a moment or two to chill and you can carry on the feast.

If your like me then you'll avoid surgery at all costs, I will still go to my GP see if he thinks that it is a serious case though, if not then ill just continue to live with it until it becomes too much to handle.

Thaks for this forum it has eased my mind, but i will still just get it checked to be on the safe side.

Take it easy.
since i was about 11 (im 15 now) ive had the same sort of thing in my mouth, left side of the tongue a pea sized lump. it used to be smaller but over the years it has become a bit bigger. not by much tho and not entirely noticeable. there is now another one that i have recently (over the past few months) noticed, it is on the right side parallell to the other one. it is smaller than the one on the left and they are both hard and do not change size during the day. i went to the doctor for a check up and had the doctor feel my tongue, she said she wasnt too concerned about it but another one has appeared since then. they dont hurt unless i bite down on them but then again my tongue is bound to hurt if i bite it. im going to the doctor again soon to check it out again and ill post back what i find out Smiler
Hi BabyBee88

I hope your doctor can give you SOME kind of answer. It just seems odd that you've had this for about 4 years and she doesn't seem concerned. Is the upcoming appt with the same dr?

My family took a vacation to Vermont MANY years ago--we were all stunned at how green the whole place was. We visited Burlington, Montpelier and Wardsboro.

But, I digress...

Please let us know how your appointment goes.

Hello ~

I am a 51 year old female in good health. I haven’t smoked in over 20 years (& I wasn’t a heavy smoker, but I did smoke.) I don’t drink alcohol. I exercise regularly.

Some quick timeline backstory . . .

About 5 months ago I had a severe toothache (2nd tooth on the bottom left from center.) Took x-rays & it showed nothing. As I was examining my tooth & the surrounding area I noticed (on the other side of my mouth,) this tiny blue dot on my gum line. After about 3 weeks the dot was removed & diagnosed as a “gingival cyst.” Now by this time, the pain in my tooth had abated, but when I pull my lip back over my tooth I get a pressure of small pain.

About 1 month ago, I woke up and about 15 minutes later I realized my tongue was swollen with a lump (the size of a pea inside of my tongue, not on the outside.) By the time I got to the bathroom to look at it, it was gone. It’s almost at the very tip of my tongue & I can feel it when I press hard between my lips. The oral surgeon that removed the cyst said it’s nothing ~ probably some vascular-like activity . . . but now it’s happened about 4 more times and I can tell exactly when it’s going to come up because right where the lump is, my tongue gets tingly or numb ~ kind like how your tongue may feel a couple of hours after you burn it on something hot. It’s freaking me ~ such a strange thing . . . all these mouth issues. I should probably mention that 4 years ago I discovered a large lipoma (fatty tissue benign tumor) on the left side of my neck.

I’m going to consult w/my ENT doc & see what she says.

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