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hi new here just looking for some advice was at out of hours over weekend for something unrelated but have been ignoring lump in back of mouth several months painless not causing discomfort out of fear of dentists very severe phobia but I am going tomorrow for check up but doctor has also sent referral and letter to my dentist stating he advises of a biopsy the lump I have is away at back of mouth at top of gumline about size of grape and is solid and painless I know should have got checked sooner but I have my appointment in morning does anyone have any advice or anything similar I can’t actually see the lump as it’s so far back and high can only feel it and doctor felt it to and said will need biopsy sorry for lengthy post guess I’m just a bit nervous about tomorrow xx

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Hi I know about the phobia of dentists but it’s fair to say they’ve changed a great deal since we were younger.  Im sure they’ll handle you sensitively.  Please do tell them if your anxiety.  

It’s impossible to guess what the lump is, and it may be that the dentist refers you onwards for further tests.   Be patient and look after yourself in the meantime.  

Good luck.  Hope it’s nothing and hope you survive the fear too.  

I had a lump on the left side, at the base of the tongue for about 6 mo and then it got more numbing.. I did use curcumin capsule with a dash of phyllantus extract, and it did somewhat relieved the funny feeling.. but it didnt resolve it and I felt it was still somehow growing, as the numbness began to increase week after another. 

I tried another herb infusion with a combo below, and somehow it was better than the above, as I can feel the thing resolving (now I dont feel it anymore)                                                                             

I think all of those who have this similar lump feeling/suspicion can try a remedy that may likely help - Therabreath (Mild Mint) UPC code 697029100165 to be exact.  This brand has various formulations, but 697029100165 is the one you should be looking for.  Not etc flavors from the same brand.

This mouthwash will seep out oxygen into your oral cavity as it has OXYD-8 to help release oxygen.  I keep it in my mouth as long as I could, usually about 5-10 mins.. sometimes longer.  Do it at least every 8 hrs, or at least once a day after you feel it has resolved.   Oxygen is a killer for cancer or precancer cells.  If you use it for the first time, and there is abnormal precancer cells there, you can feel the mouthwash seeping into the area and giving immediate sensation of relief.  It is just a mouthwash with good oxygen, try it.  After about 2 mo of regular use, today I have not felt any of that funny lump/sensation anymore.  I am not sure if the herb infusion also helped it, as that herb has some publications saying it is anticancer.  But oxygen is an enemy to abnormal cancer or pre-cancer cells

Google 'why therabreath works so well'

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I had a lump on the lower floor of my mouth for many months. I had difficulty in getting an appointment with my GP. When I finally got an appointment was put on 2ww for specialist appointment. When I saw the consultant he said...I don’t know why you have been referred to me as this will be nothing. When he looked and feeler it he said so sorry I think this might be cancer. I had an extensive biopsy that day.....which was very grim and I still have stitches in my mouth.. The results on the biopsy confirmed SCC. I might need to have some of my jaw, neck and teeth removed. It’s all very scary x





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