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I am pretty sure its something related to a problem of minor salivary glands bursting because today I felt how half of my palate felt like a water bed or the sea, bumps coming and going, shrinking, coming back, making different shapes and I could even feel how they went empty and full again. When they were very full, the edema felt very tight and then it would release. Really crazy whats going on in my mouth! I hope the doctor Will know how to "Fix" this. I will update on Monday with whatever I am diagnosed
hi ,
i am Rupam 24 years old ,1 year ago i found a small lump on the roof of my mouth .i went to a doctor .after treatment lump removed from my mouth, i have noticed for 2 days that the lump is again discover in same is painless ,not so big ,if i press the lump forcefully the lump release yellow colour liquid ,
what it is??is it oral cancer.. please help me
Hi Doctor-

I am 47 and not a smoker and only occasional drinker. I have a history of basal carcinoma (just had one taken off my forehead 10 days ago and have had a handful of others removed over the years) and I get skin checks every six months. And most unfortunately my daughter is 10 months into leukemia treatment, which so far has been grueling but very thankfully successful on track. So cancer is certainly on my mind.

Roughly 2-3.5 weeks ago (having trouble placing the exact starting point), I developed a small circular lump on my hard palate (to the right of the midline looking in the mirror). It has been flesh colored mostly and kind of resembling a small cyst, with the middle of it looking like it was a possibly small fluid filled sac.

After roughly the first week or so and the day after I had tried some campophenique on it, it shrank noticeably. 2 days later and the day before I went to the dentist, I are some hot food and it immediately grew back to where it had been previously.

I did visit to the dentist 10 days ago and he surmised it was likely a clogged salivary gland and he drained it by making it small whole in the middle. His expectation was it would disappear over the course of a week.

A week later it was 95% gone and he and I talked on the phone, and primarily because he knew how concerned I was, he recommended an oral surgeon for me to consult with. I will be seeing her this tuesday. Thru midday yesterday (and 10 days after my dentist visit), I almost thought it was about to disappear, but suddenly (and without and obvious catalyst) it grew back to roughly 75% of the biggest it had been vertically, quickly developed a scab like formation and then fell off during the day today. I can't tell if there was any blood but didn't taste any or see any in my mouth right after it burst.

So as of now it is 85% gone from the peak, remains a circle (with a red dot in the middle where it was originally drained by the dentist and where the scab may have fallen off), and is likely the same diameter as it was originally.

I am curious what this all may suggest to you as I await my appointment tuesday. Understanding that over the internet diagnosis is generally unreliable, I am still curious do these details fit any pattern that would suggest cancer to you or something else? Also, generally, how common are lumps/cysts on the hard palate in the general population? On the internet, it is easy to find out how likely oral cases are generally but hard to determine how common non cancerous hard palate masses are.



Hi guys.

Ive had a hard bb sized lump slightly to the right of the centre of my hard pallet and its been there for about 2 years . It only hurts if I press on it and it doesn't normally look different in colour to the surrounding area . I remember talking to an online adviser about a year ago and she asked if I had "pain in my teeth" but I didn't and still don't . The thing is , I'm very conscious of my tendency to always fear the worst .. ailments that linger like a cough I had for 3 months or an open sore on the side of my nose for 6 months . Seeing as I've had this thing on the roof of my mouth for over 2 years already, should I just forget about it until it does something specific ? It has not really changed all that much . I cant seem to drain it , its a small hard fleshy lump that's all .

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