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i had a small bump in my mouth like many described here. oral surgeon said it could be anything and that i should get it removed. I did and biopsy was negative. he said it could be scar tissue because the cells were "new." 4 weeks later, its back.. is this something that i should be worried about? i already made another appt to go back, but is this normal for saliva gland infection or wort?
Hi I hope you can help. I am very anxious. I have been suffering from alot of neck pain for some time that seems to have moved into my back. I have 4 rotted teeth awaiting extraction and a Chronic abcess causing no pain. I had a long talk with my dentist who said that the neck pain is not caused by my rotted teeth. Is that correct? And now I get a lump in the roof of my mouth under the skin, i noticed this 2 days after taking amoxicillin for an infection, feels like it is attached to a vein if that makes sense, its feels oval in its shape and is situated nearer to the back on the left hand side. The dentist said I need to go to the doctor as it is not in a place that is attached to any teeth. Is this really bad news? Cant sleep please help.
Hello Becky

Sorry to hear about your rotted teeth. The swelling in the roof of the mouth could possibly be related to an infection from a tooth in the front of the mouth tracking backwards. Ask your dentist to check for this. The neck pain is often related to muscle tension caused by strained head postures and/or clenching activity. Heat and massage can help with that.

Best wishes
Vinod Coffee
Hi Dr, I am so glad you replied, how kind of you. I did exactly that and asked the dentist and he said it is not related to any teeth, I do indeed have a small pimple bag (urgh) at the front of the gums over the top of one 2nd to front tooth, the dentist said about that that its good in many respects as it is the infection releasing and thats why I wont have any pain there. Do you think its possible he has not attributed that to the lump? Although if thats the case then Im confused as he said very sternly it is NOT attached to any teeth? I dont have much faith in him for many reasons, but is it possible its that now I tell YOU he was firm on the NO.?
Hi Dr,
Again thank you.
Wow that slideshow was difficult for a lay person to fathom lol. However I think what i took from it looking at the diagrams and photo is that further back means behind the teeth.?
My Lump is back past the teeth on the soft fleshy bit to the left but right back, to feel with my tongue I have to push my tongue backwards and up towards the back.
?? Can you tell Im anxious by speed of reply?
Hi Becky

As it is not possible to make a diagnosis over the Internet, I suggest that you ask your doctor/dentist for an urgent referral to the local maxillofacial unit. If you already under review with them as I expect you are, call the hospital department yourself and explain your fears and ask for an appointment.

Let me know how you get on.

Best wishes
Vinod Coffee
Hello again Dr Vinod, Sorry I have not replies sooner but have been having real problems this end. I have a question as the dentist nor the Doctor seem to be able to answer me this, in fact they keep refering me back and forth between themselves, the dentist saying its the doctor and the doctor saying you need to see your dentist. In all honesty they are wearing me out with the to and fro Im doing.
The question I have that Maxiofacial wont be able to answer for another 2 weeks until my appointment :/ Is it possible? That a absess on the lower right jaw, sitting under 4 rotted teeth that causes no pain yet I occasionally feel a throb under the jaw, and a face full of teeth that I have now found out are all infected, could cause pain in the neck which has been going on for some time, that has now spread to the shoulders and down the arms. The dentist says possible and the doctor says anatomically impossible??? Im so so confused. I know an abcess can spread to the brain (rare) but can, but can it start to travel down the neck and into the surrounding areas? I have wanted to say to my Doctor that I feel like Im being slowly poisoned but fear she may think Im stark raving bonkers. I feel very unwell with lots of symptoms.
Please help Doctor no one else seems to care. Frowner
Hello Becky

It appears you are not perceived to have a mouth cancer and your profile says you haven't had a mouth cancer. You probably have some infection from your rotted teeth and have already been given an NHS appointment. It is not perceived to be urgent. If you wish to be seen sooner, I suggest that you see a specialist privately.

Best wishes
Vinod Coffee
Hello Dr

Thank you for replying, I understand totally all you have said. I did come on to the forum becasue I had a lump on my hard palate which has now totally dissappeared thankfully. I understand that this forum is no longer applicable to me and thank you for you time it indeed helped by making me get a second opinion, which was a good thing as the second dentist was concerned I hadnt been treated properly. So thank you. I just wonder in my case with the information I give you, any idea which specialist I would need to find privately as I dont know where to begin? Kindest regards
I hve been reading this forum and wud like to thank Dr Joshi for all this replies

2-3 weeks back I had fever followed by throat infection, I actually felt slight pain and something growing in the left of my soft palate near the place where hard and soft palate meet somewhere close to wisdom teeth.. I guess I don't hve wisdom teeth.. I aslo had problems with my jaw a small clicking noise and pain while chewing in jaw joint below my ear..
Now I am ok , The jaw got much better, no symtoms of anything whatsover.. only thing is I can still feel the painless hard bony lump from my tongue.. I cannot see anything from mirror.. Google about it freaks me out for obvious reason.. I have turned hypochondriac for no reasons,For eg I got some ulcers on my tongue which went away on its own in 3-4 days ..
Now I understand I need to go to dentist for checkup to remove any fear
but I am hestitating for that coz
1) I may get some vague daignosis, the dentist near my place may not be doing such screenings
2) Again I m from India, and no one does dental screening for cancer here I guess, I mean I don't know what shud i say to denstist , will he think of me as a hyerchondriac stupid, since I don't am normal expect feeling that bony lumps with my tongue..
I don't smoke , drink or chew tobacco.. Used to eat areca nut , supari a lot as a kid some 10-12 yrs ago and am young 27
Thanks Dr Joshi for ur reply..
I went today and the dentist said its nothing, He checked my mouth with a mirror ,cheeks teeth and all and said my mouth is fine and he doesn't see anything which cud be major disease.. I showed him with my tongue that I feel a hard bony lump but he just shrugged it off .. Thing is its very small invisible to naked eyes and only felt by tongue.. and yea am fine in all other aspects.. I did a mistake I shud hve asked him to wear his gloves and feel the area in my mouth which i referring too.. He advised trival things like cleaning is needed etc :-|..
anyways I will wait for a month or two and if i still feel it there I will go to a differnt dentist and ask him to feel the area with his fingers..
Hey guys, I have recently found a painful when proded hard lump on the roof of my mouth about a cm to the left on the line where my hard palat meets my soft palat. I have recently started smoked cigarellos 3 total. And occasionally drink. What are the chances that it is cancerous? Or some sort of tumor? It is not discolored and hard to see with the naked eye.
Good Morning Falcon,
See your dentist for a proper diagnosis, What you describe could be one of many things, most of which are minor problems.You can do yourself a favour by stopping smoking.
You are quite right to be vigilant, the standard advice is "if changes occur in the mouth and do not clear in three weeks see your dentist or doctor"
Keep Smiling
I have been reading this forum for the past 40 minutes and i can't seem to match my symptoms up exactly with anyone's.
Backround Info :
-Smoker [3 years]
-I work in a pretty germy place. lol [the dust is what irritates me]

-1.5 mm lump on the lining of soft and hard pallet
-no discoloration or tenderness
-not noticed until recent.
-accompanied by mild sore throat on the opposite side of where the lump is.

I don't suspect anything devastating, i suspect it might be some sort of sinus cavity infection.
i have had streptococcus twice in the last two years. [i don't know it that helps]

I know i can only get true answers if i visit a Doc. but financially impossible.

Hi Emma,

I was just diagnosed with a salivary gland tumor (mucoepidermoid carcinoma) on 4/11 that sounds very similar to your description. I would urge you to get it checked. It occurs mostly in women and of any age and looks completely benign. You need to have a biopsy done. I'm scheduled for a CT scan and have an appointment to visit the specialist the same week. I'd be glad to talk to you more about if you like. Just please, do get yourself checked. Best wishes
Good Afternoon All,

I have similar symptoms to the likes of most on this forum. I have a slight swelling in the hard palate off to the right side of the palate.
I am 24 years old and was a consumer of DIP (Smokless Tobacco) from the age of 15 to 19. Since 19 I've quit.

I noticed this lump with my tounge after I had strep throat. It was quite large and shrank over time. I also noticed my Lymphnodes were highly enflamed. I was quite concerned and went to the doctor. I had ultrasounds done on the Lymphnodes and a CT scan. The ENT said i had no reason to worry. This was about three years ago and I still have this swelling in my hard palate. It has not grown and only does when i play with it. After I play with it it reduces in size.

Im not going to lie, Im freaked out because i used tobbacco for a long time and my family genes arent the best in regards to cancer.

I am going to see the dentist and will send everyone an update once I am finished.

Good luck everyone and god bless.
I had posted 2-3 months back in this forum about how I feel a swelling in my palate with my tongue.. I went to a dentist again like a week back, he checked my mouth , even did cleaning and said there is nothing wrong in my mouth.. its been 2-3 months and there is no growth or any sort of discomfort whatsoever, maybe that tiny bony lump like thing that I feel with my tongue was always there and I just discovered it after getting a sore throat 3 months nothing to worry...
Thanks for the reply.

I discovered mine after a case of strep throat and it became smaller but never went away.

CT scans were negative in the past i am just curious to know why its still there.

I saw my dentist and he said my palate looks absolutely fine he even poke around and said I'm good.

It's just one of those things that i wonder what it could be.
my husband had a small lump in the roof of his mouth.his dentist noticed and ask him to see the doctor. he sugest to remove it then they do the biopcee but that lump is reducing in size and also it colour change as before it is in dark shade and now it is more like the colour of the skin.i want to ask what this really is and is it good to remove or just leave and see.......plz plz help me i am very upset
I have got two lumps in the roof of my mouth. They grow up while I eat and go back to normal once I finish eating or 15-20 mins later. I had too much of gastric problem as well. And it's been almost 3-4 months with the same situation. Finally I got a gastroenterologist and he suggested to have a endoscopy done. He said that, There is nothing in the mouth but in the stomach. Not sure what the problem is.
It's an intermittent problem though.
Please someone advise. Hope it's not an ulcer.
Pradeep :-)
I have the same lump on the roof of my mouth, it is the same color as the roof of my mouth but feels like a blister of some kind, at times it feels warm and throbs but i am not sure if it is the lump throbbing or my chipped tooth. I am pretty sure it is from my broken tooth or from the infection in my tooth, but if it pops or drains out will i die from ingesting it? and i have had it for about 4-6 days
After what was thought to be releif to my anxiety I now have two additional lumps on opposite sides of each other in the hard palate. they came about on December. I don't know if these are related to one that I have had for four years but I am now expecting the worst. I made and appointment with my ent. What could multiple lumps in the roof of the mouth be other than the dreaded c word. I'm 24 and these are all quit small only 2 of them are slightly visible. Any insight would be appreciated..
Ok I'm so glad to know i'm not the only one to be going through this problem,I actually have 2 lumps 1 is (was) on the side beside my tooth and the other on the back of my throat,and a lump inside my skin under my chin,so my dentist sent me to a oral surgeon and they said it was the cause of a dead(bad) tooth so they removed it bout a week ago and it's still there and hurts only when touched so i'm worried and i also am a heavy smoker
About 6 months ago had a row of three blistering little bubbles appear on the roof of my mouth on the hard palate. I was able to scratch at them and they did pop. One of them seemed to harden after a week or so and turned into a firm lump, like what many here describe as a bb under the skin. I continued to poke and prod at it, I even stuck a pin into it and gave it a squeeze but it didn't go away. I went to my doctor who didn't seem fussed but timo keep an eye on it. That was about six months ago. I've been back several times to a couple of different doctors who had the same opinion, that it didn't seem sinister. I saw my dentist a couple of weeks ago who also said it didn't look nasty. Anyway, I went back to my GP for an unrelated matter and I showed him the bump again. He said that given 6 months had passed and it hadn't gone away, perhaps a ENT should have a look at it. So I see the ENT and he says he has seen about 300 of these and only one was a cancer. In any case he recommended that the bump be cut out for biopsy, which happened the next day under a general anaesthetic. When I spoke to him post surgery he mentioned that there were two small lumps but said we would have the results in about a week. I now have a rather large hole in my hard palate and I'm waiting on biopsy results. Can anyone relate?
Hi and thanks in avance. Something like a couple of months ago I noticed a little hard lump on the right side of my palate like a little very little pea (a bit red in the reflection of the mirror , so I went to the dentist but it had already gone by then, so he suggested It might have been a bit of food or something causing It.Unfortunately It came back again and I did noticed that It would go smooth if I happpened to touch ir press for some time. Then It would go away or nearly (very smooth hardly noticeable with tongue or finger) and become more noticeable at touch again. It never hurt or bled. Last Christmas It came more noticeable again and I pressed it hard to pop It but I made It worse, that was the worst I hace seen it. It decreased again and back out although never as Big as the Christmas days. This morning was impossible to feel It with my tongue, only a bit with my finger but very smooth. I had three different opinions by three different dentists.First, I shouldn't worry and that It looked like a obstructed sslivary gland, second, something about the dame but recommended to see a maxcillofacial surgeon because they are more familiar with such types of conditions and the third was the same, he wasnt sure what It was and a surgeon would be a good idea. The dentist did some Xrays and said they couldnt see anything abnormal. My appointment id on monday and I am scared to death. yesterday I happpened to see another one Next to the other, but at the other side of the palatal line, a bit more central. This one feels a bit painful though. I has not noticed It before and I only did because It hurt a bit when I was eating. It is more difficult to feel than the other one. I have no more symptoms than these. I would like to hear your feedback before hearing the professional diagnosis. English is not my firt language, so sorry about any possuble misunderstanding. Cheers

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