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Hey you all please check this out at least before you freak out, my hamulus was noticable to me during a bad sinus infection. If this doesn;t make sense to you go to your doctor.


The roof of your mouth has two distinctive parts. The Hard Palate is the tough, leathery, non movable part of the roof of your mouth that is attached to the inside of your teeth and curves up to make the vault of your palate. The Soft Palate lies behind the hard palate and is closer to the back of your throat. You can feel the dividing line between the hard and soft palates with your tongue if you can draw it back that far. The Uvula is attached to the back of the soft palate. The Hamulii (singular hamulus) are hard little bumps in the corners of the soft palate just where the soft palate meets the very back of the tuberosities. If you press hard with the tip of the tongue to the inside and behind the gums behind the last top teeth, you may be able to feel them. They represent the tips of little projections from the base of your skull called the hamular processes of the palatine bone.
6 weeks ago i found a lump about 5mm by 5mm on the top of my mouse next tooth by the wisdom tooth near to my upper jaw on left side, (please note this tooth was removed 3 month ago give or take) so i went to my doctors with worry. At first they thought it was an ulcer, 4 weeks on 3 doctors and a dentist later they where scrathching there heads (Just to note this lump is garanteed to go away in my sleep, hence ill wake up in the morning and i couldnt even tell you where the lump was then would start to come back in the day, this really got the docs confused), and in the mean while a lump poped up under my chin/neck which they said is most proberly a swolen gland due to my lump in mouth.
This week anough was anough and i demanded to be refurded to the oral clinic, which they told me would take a least 2 months so i have gone private so i booked in on the 4 of aprill (amazing what money can do), any way today i have noticed another lump on my upper mouth just of center about 4mm by 4mm (give or take)which feels vry smooth when touching with tonge and feel like fluid in there. Had anough of bumps poing up all over my mouth now so i thought i would ask if any of these systoms are known?????
p.s I am 26 and smoke around 10 a day
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Hi All... The other day I discovered a hard lump on the right side midline. I saw my dentist today, and he has referred me to an oral surgeon. My appt will be on April 4th. The lump is hard, and smooth. The size is approx the size of a baby pea. I'm unable to move the lump, and when pressed is sensitive. Although my dentist isn't too concerned he would rather be cautious. I've never smoked nor do I drink. However, have lived with smokers most of my life. I will post once I meet with the oral surgeon and let you know the course of action.
Good Evening OT,
I see no one has answered your posting of five days ago. Please don't feel ignored I think it is likely that none of us have experienced anything like your problem in the past.
After your appointment on April 4th would you please let us know what the experts have to say.
Just one thing though is it worth risking your life for ten a day?
Keep Smiling Razzer
ive had a lump in the roof of my mouth for over 8 weeks ive had 3 lots of ant biotics and it did not go i seen the emergency dental surgeon who drilled a hole in my in one of my canine teeth and packed it with anti biotics at this stage i was getting realy worried as my ent specialist suggested i had a ct scan before a biopsy he then refered me to a oral surgeon who thought it might be a deep rooted cyst she gave me another couse of anti biotics called metronidazole and performed a incission in the lump and front , the origal lump was giving me a burning pain and was making my nose go num after the incission a lot of puss came out and i feel so releived as i have read on the internet about mouth cancer i have now got to have root canel treatment to stop it reoccuring
Hi all
update:- Just got back from oral sergeon, Well i cant believe this but he said the lump is from a broken bone around my jaw from where the dentist RIPPED my tooth out, and all other lumps i found where always there and i only found them because i found the first lump (Very true as i have been lump hunting) I no i may have a broken bone in my mouth but to here the oral say and i quote "Hand on heart you have nothing to worry about" Was the gratest relief ever, especialy after recearching "doctor Google" for and answer and getting "mouth Cancer" coming up every where. Thank you John for your reply.
Noticed lump in roof of mouth several months ago. Forgot about it. About a month ago noticed small lump in lymph node back of neck, saw Dr. he said to come back in a month and if it is not gone will send me to ENT. About two weeks ago noticed the lump (4-5 mm)in the roof of my mouth again, I think I just forgot about it. Concerned the two are related, planning to make a Dr. appt. I did have a melanoma last year Level II. On my left upper thigh, no problems since removal. Any info. would be helpful, don't want to be paranoid.
Hi, i hope my post does not get lost as i am very worried.
My dentist found a small, hard lump on the roof of my mouth, on the left-hand side, next to where my wisdom teeth should be (they never came up) It is not painful and i am a non-drinker and non-smoker. It has been there about a year i think.
I am due to see a maxillo surgeon, but i am so worried.
What could it be?
Hello April78

There is a bump of extra bone called a torus that is normally present in the midline of the hard palate, it may be minimal or very enlarged. For more information and pictures of normal appearances, please see Fig. 1.24 and Fig. 1.25 in this article called Examination Technique with Normal Findings and Structures Mistaken for Disease. Posterior to the last molar tooth the hard palate mucosa fuses peripherally with the vestibular gingiva and posteriorly with the pterygomandibular raphe. This prominent ridge is the alveolar tuberosity. Distal (behind) to the tuberosity is a projection of bone called the hamulus.

So, it could just be a normal structure. Do let us know what the maxillofacial surgeon says it is.

Best wishes
Vinod Coffee
About three weeks ago, I noticed a bump on my hard palate, just right of the midline. When I pressed against it with a finger, I discovered it was hard. It was bothering me and I scratched it with a fingernail. It bled profusely. Two days later I went to see my dentist for an unrelated reason. She panicked when she saw the remaining lesion, which I had been cleaning with peroxide. She referred me to an oral surgeon. I saw him a few days later, but by then the lesion was much smaller and he thought it was probably just a healing ulcer. He told me to come back in two weeks to make sure it was gone.

What I didn't tell either the dentist or the oral surgeon was that I actually scratched off a piece of tissue which reminded me of a wart that I had on my finger. It was very, for want of a better word, crunchy.

After seeing the oral surgeon, the sore healed. I took grapefruit seed extract for about a week and rinsed it with peroxide twice a day. but now I'm wondering. Could it have been a small wart? I'm going back to the oral surgeon in a couple of days, but the sore seems completely healed at this point.
Hi all,

I've got a question that I would like opinions or answers if possible please. My dad's palate has got 3 lumps and they are all connected at the midline. He told me he got just 1 lump few years back but now its getting gradually bigger. Those lumps are ulcerated which he thought could be due to friction when he is eating food. The lumps are smaller now he said after pus coming out through them at one point.. We then went to see an oral surgery specialist and she said its normal. An x-ray was taken and it showed darker areas associated with the lumps..I am not that convinced with her answers coz she did not really ask about any sort off previous history and just by examination, she said it normal..Please help...I am really worried...Thanks
I have been reading this thread and haven't really found an answer to my problem. I am 22 years old, and I sometimes get a strange bump on the roof of my mouth, which gets enlarged and then eventually drains itself after a couple of painful days. It first happened about 5 years ago, and it basically enlarges and puts pressure on my entire mouth, causing a constant pain. This first time, the pain got so bad that I had to see a dentist and he cut it open and drained it. Since then it has happened 3-4 more times, where it gets enlarged, hurts, and then drains, and then immediately feels completely better. I have seen a couple of other dentists who have no idea what it is, but my original dentist says it may have something to do with a missing bone in the roof of my mouth. It is in the middle of my mouth about halfway back, and when its happening it hurts very bad and its all i can think about. I am just looking for an answer, but it doesn't resemble most of these other lumps on this site. any sugestions?
I logged onto the internet and googled 'lump on roof of mouth' and came up with this blog. I just noticed my lump yesterday and like others have written, it wasn't there (or noticed by my dentist) when I saw my dentist in July. I see him again in November and will ask. My biggest concern is that I had malignant melanoma on my left leg in 1997, so although 'cured' I'm concerned that cancer could return. I had a couple of exposed tooth root graftings done in April with tissue from the roof of my mouth, so it could also be from that and I just didn't notice it before. My lump(s) are about the size of 2 bbs side by side and mostly colorless, with a few spots of pink. I noticed it because it became sore a couple of days ago after eating hard corn chips.
I, too, have been reading these posts for the last day or so. I seem to have the same problem. I've got a lump in the top of my mouth, only about half an inch from the top of my front teeth. It is about the size of a pencil eraser. It seems as though the lump is directly in the middle of my mouth on the hard palette. Well, a three days went by of me playing with it with my tongue and it was painful, but I was getting past it. Then, to try and solve the pain/swelling issue, I put a butter knife in the freezer and went to the store. I got some lemon juice and swished it around my mouth to get my glands going. Afterwards, I went home and got the knife and put the cold handle of the knife on the lump...I was thinking that the swelling would go down with the cold. I went to bed and woke up the next day and of course, it was bigger and more painful. The night before, it was a little red, but the next morning, I noticed a small white circle on the lump. It wasn't raised and just as smooth as the rest of the bump. The day went on and I was thinking about going to the hospital, but I was trying to put it off. At lunch time, while mid-way through my meal, I noticed a change in the stiffness of the lump. So I looked at it and what looked like puss was secreting through the white circle. Of course, after that, I went after it with some tools. I was poking and prodding and I got it to pop a few times. When it would, puss, blood, and what looked like saliva came out. It's only been about 2 hours since then, and it's still a little painful, but not as big. And hopefully, it will continue to get smaller and eventually go away. I'm trying not to tongue it now and gargle with salt water and mouthwash. I'll check it out in the morning and plan on going to the Doctor if it worsens or doesn't get better. If it beings to heal, I'll just tell my doc at my next visit. What does this sound like? I'm really curious to know if this was some kind of mouth pimple or what. I mean...what does it sound like?


digital bo
Hello DLE
I had a couple of exposed tooth root graftings done in April with tissue from the roof of my mouth, My lump(s) are about the size of 2 bbs side by side and mostly colorless, with a few spots of pink. ...became sore a couple of days ago after eating hard corn chips.

My take: Not a diagnosis, but I have seen graft tissue healing with a bump as the tissue contracts. It might have got traumatised by the corn chips.

Let us know what your dentist says.

Best wishes
Vinod Coffee
Hello digital_bo (not natural_bo Thinking )

My take: Not a diagnosis, but I think that it could have been an abscess. A palatal abscess usually occurs to one side of midline of palate from a dead tooth. Presents as an initial swelling (red) that grew (bigger and more painful), pointed (white) and burst (with pus/blood). See your dentist and get your teeth checked out and the dead tooth root treated or extracted. Let us know how you get on.

Best wishes
Vinod Coffee
Dr Vinod K Joshi. Dont know where to start here, im 30, female, dont smoke, never have done, very rarely drink. Thing is for 18 months now I have had this small lump in my top palette level with the wisdom tooth. My wisdom tooth became infected along with the tooth next to it which went undiagnosed for over 2 years previous, this gave me sepsis and sinus related problems. They could not find whether the problem was to do with my sinuses or my teeth as the teeth looked fine, the teeth were white and in good condition but found out that the roots were dead and didnt get any pain from any of the cold tests they did on them. Eventually they were removed by my maxilofacial surgeon and all my sinus symptoms cleared up and has been fine ever since. but just a week before they were removed this lump developed in my palatte.

I went back to the maxilofacial surgeon, he told me that it was nothing to be concerned with. Since then the lump hasnt given me any problems for the last 18 months, has been painless, however I did find that if I gently rubbed it with my thumb (what I called Milking it) the lump felt smaller.

About 1 yr ago I asked if I could have a CT scan done on it and they completed this and said that there was nothing showing on the CT scan, I told them that I didnt believe them because I could feel the lump there.

Over the last few weeks it has felt a bit sore to touch and appeared red so I went to my doctor and he said that I already had an open appointment to see the Maxilofacial surgeon at the hospital. I went to see him and he said that he would do a biopsy, they was supposed to do a 4mm biopsy which turned into a 6mm one. They took 3 bits of tissue to be tested. Havent got the results back yet, they said 6 weeks but I dont want to wait that long, will be phoning them up soon to see if they are back yet.

The hole they left if about the size of a small pea now. Frowner what I would like to know is, will the biopsy hole heal? close in, im not worried about a scar there but would hate to have the hole there for good and how long does it usually take to heal. Its been 2 weeks since the biopsy. When they do a biopsy, does that mean that they have taken away all of the lump or a portion of it? And from I have told you here about what I have been though what would your views be on what it could possibly be?

Im a woman, I worry about these things.~

Many Thanks
Thank you Vinod for your fast reply. Im so glad to hear that the hole will heal over, but im intrigued to what they will do if it doesnt, as they said that they couldnt put stitches there as the pallet tissue is tight. At the moment the front of my palette is still numb, I hope that is alright. I guess that is where they cut though nerves.

Thanks again, I will keep you updated. Got to wait 4 more weeks before the re-appointment.

hello. I am a naughty boy becuase I chew tobacco. I have been chewing for about 7 years, and I am a 30 year old male. Now, I have noticed a small lump on the roof of my mouth. I have actually noticed it for years now. it doesn't hurt, it is hard, located on the roof of my mouth kind of towards the right. It almost feels like a part of my mouth, about the size of a BB. Every now and then it might swell up if I eat something hot. Right now I have been fighting a nasty cold and it has swelled up the past few days. I am extra worried because I chew. I know it is awful that I chew and I am trying to quit.

any insight?
Good Morning Naughty Boy,
I tend to agree with you that chewing tobacco is,and I quote you, awful.It is also rather hazardous,if you want to quit you can do so but you have to want to do it not just pay lip service. If you need a nudge in the right direction consider the following points:-
1)All tobacco use involves serious health risks
2)A high percentage of mouth cancer patients are/were recent tobacco users.
3)The suvival rate for mouth cancer patients is less than 50%.
4)Treament for mouth cancer is always quite drastic.
Read the postings on this web site about the difficulties which patients have to live with.
Then ask yourself "do I really need a nicotine fix so badly as to take these risks?"
The description of the lump in your mouth does not sound typical of mouth cancer but see your dentist and get it checked out.
Just one more thing, on Christmas eve post a message here saying simply "I quit and it was not too difficult"
Keep Smiling
Hi Naughty boy

Chewing tobacco eh? Any insights eh? Yes - stop it! There's an insight for you. It's about as sensible as playing Russian roulette or juggling hot irons, or swimming backstroke in a shark infested pool, or any other silly things you could be doing. In all seriousness - you REALLY don't want oral cancer friend so stop it - stop chewing tobacco now! NOW! I gave up smoking years ago - 25 years before the cancer - and if I could stop smoking you can definitley stop chewing!

All the best - but do it and do it now!

Hi, i am a 25 year old female. After reading over this i suspect its a canker sore, or that torus thing. but i have had a bump at the top of my mouth for about two weeks. it isnt painful. I have tried scratching it, nothing, no bleeding, no pussy. its hard smaller then the size of a pea and kinda bumpy, just like the opposite side of the ridge (its top right of my hard palate) theres weird bumpy ridges, its like that only a bit swollen.
I recently had pneumonia, and after getting over that had strep throat, i was in turn on antibiotics for nearly a month.

I am a smoker, but have cut down drastically and ready to quit.
This isnt discolored, its just the pinkish reddish tinge of the mouth and its barely noticable but I NOTICE IT! lol.
when i run my tounge over it it doesnt hurt or anything.
Should i be concerned?
I usually get them when eating
(moslty sour,salty,tangy foods or sometimes drinks) but can get eating anything. Small bumps on roof of mouth. I usually pop mine, some are harder than others, The pain goes away and I keep eating, they can come back before I get done eating, but then I pop it and its gone.
I can get 1-4, Got one hard kinda big one tonight eating a steak with a-1... Popped it and kept eating!!! Smiler

Hi All

It is not possible to give a diagnosis over the Internet. If you find a lump in your mouth that concerns you, please see your doctor or dentist for an opinion and diagnosis. Not all lumps are cancers but you should know what it is. It is not possible to give a diagnosis over the Internet. If you still have concerns after seeing your doctor, I would be happy to suggest my thoughts on your problem and your next step.

Best wishes

Vinod Coffee
Hey guys
Ive had the same thing for a few years now its not growing, healing or hurting at all the problem is i want to get it checked out but i forget that its even there but sometimes i put my tongue on it by accident and i remember its there and say to myself ill check it out, but then i forget again..
But im guessing its been like that for a few years if it was serious it would have some side effects or not
Hi, i have also noticed recently a lump on the roof of my mouth. I feel it with my tounge and i think this makes it seem bigger. when i look at it in the mirror it looks raised and white, not sharp, a rounded lump. it is painfull to touch and i dont know wither or not to worry. how long is to long to wait to get it checked out? i am only 21 years old, am i naieve to think that my age means the chances of cancer are low?

i hope someone can put my mind to rest.

Hi Ross

Unfortunately, this isn't a good place to get a diagnosis. The best advice I can give is to see your gp or dentist about it as soon as you can.

The best way to put your mind to rest, oddly enough, is to get this thing checked out. That way you can either get on with your life if it's not cancerous, or you can start treatment quickly if it is. Believe me, I'm really hoping for the former for you.

I wish I could give you a better answer. Please let us know how this turns out.

Good evening Ross.
It was generally thought that the group most at risk of mouth cancer were elderly male smokers, and to a large extent this remains so but in recent times the net has been spreading wider to include younger people and more females but the incidence declines as you move away from the main "at risk group". Having said that, there are many reasons why lumps and bumps appear in the mouth and most of them are easily dealt with but from time to time more serious problems can crop up and delay in diagnosis increases the severity of the treatment so your best bet is to see your dentist or GP in the next day or two.
You ask if you should worry about the lump, I don't think any of us have much control over whether we worry or not,so get professional advice them hopefully you will have no need to worry. Please let us know how you get on.
Keep Smiling
I don't normally drink or smoke, but it was my friends birthday a week ago and I did a little of both. A day or two afterward my mouth was really sore on the front left side like i had bruised it, and it would kind of effect my teeth, but when it did it would switch teeth. The day after the soreness started it felt more smooth and still hurt but mostly only when i applied pressure. A couple days after it felt smooth it swelled up quite a bit (like a really stiff blister) in the course of less than 24 hours. It's been swollen for a couple days now and it's driving me crazy, though the pain's not as bad as when it wasn't swollen at all. I wish I could pop it but it really doesn't feel close to popping at all. It hurts more when I eat (especially cold things) but it's kind of bearable except for that I'm so scared. I'm going to make a doctors appointment this week or next I think, but I was wondering if you could speculate on what it is or how if I should see the dentist/doctor/ent?

I thought it was an abscess maybe but none of my teeth hurt when I tap on them, and I thought maybe it was a blocked salivary gland (it's not discolored or warm like an abscess) but I just don't know. I took a picture, any help would be much much more than appreciated.

Thank you.

here's what it looks like -

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