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I appreciate the advice, and have tried to follow it. However, I reside in Canada, and we cannot go directly to any specialist initially. Thus, I need a refferal. I have gone to 3 seperate doctors, telling neither of the other, even requesting to see the ENT, but all I am told is, "too come back in 2 weeks". Or, in the case of one of them, 6 weeks. They all (and myself admittedly) see the bump/lump as likely non-threatening, but it HAS grown slightly, and unfortuantely they refuse to give me a referral to the ENT, even though neither one are sure what it is. I just hope this isn't valuable time being wasted.

Anyways, just wanted to keep you posted, and thanks again for all your words.
I realize it serves me nothing to keep adding to this, but it is the one place I feel comfortable forwarding all that I am concerned with, so with that said, here's the latest.

I'm not sure if I should be less worried or more worried, but today, very suddenly...basically out of nowhere, a SECOND bump/lump virtually identical in feel to the first popped up roughly a half centimetre in front of it. I am still trying to see an ENT (it is incredibly difficult in this country as you consistently get turned away), but my fears seem to be growing, and I'm not sure if it's justified. Sorry to waste anybody's time with this, but I do feel better typing about it. Thansk again.
Hello workedup

Your descriptions of your bump(s) are baffling to me. Can't think of what they might be other than minor salivary glands selling and discharging or what, I don't know! Only good thing is that it still doesn't seem like like you are describing a cancer! Let us know what it is, when you find out. Do get it seen to, and get a diagnosis.

Best wishes
Vinod Coffee
Two years ago, I had a hard lump in the center of the roof of my mouth. All five of my kids had different upper respiratory illnesses, including strep. I was not sure if the lump had always been there, so I did nothing. It was the size of a pea, became sore and soft, I pushed on it with my tongue, it shrank in half, became hard again and painless, and disappeared after 3 months.

That's when I realized my mouth was not shaped that way and that it was a growth. There were no lumps or bumps remaining for over a year.

After eating Gardenia, I got it again or maybe just noticed it. I have had this one for four months and it is finally shrinking. This one has never gone soft and is not painless, although it is in the same place as the other one. It is quite large, about the size of a dime and protrudes down. Off center, there is a smaller bump on the lump much like the bb size everyone is describing.

My doctor was not concerned and said it was probably a cyst and did not think it was cancer at all. The last two weeks I have had a cold and it has gone down a little bit as if the snot is cleaning it!! It leaves a horrible taste and smell in my mouth.

Things that seem to help the bump shrink: 12 hour Sudafed, flouride rinse mouthwash, and nasal spray.

I found another doctor and he is sending me to an oral surgeon.
Hi, I also have a hard bump on the roof of my mouth and its been there for years, sometimes it becomes an open sore, I first got it between dentist visits and thought it came from a germ from dentist tools. I always thought it was some kind of herpe sore. It seems to change sizes and small lumps do appear on the sides of it. Maybe I should consider having a doc check it for mouth cancer? It does behave like a herpe germ from what i understand they can become dormant and attive. :Originally posted by be-happy:
Originally posted by Thatch:
Hi all. This past weekend I noticed a lump in on the roof of my mouth that I'm sure is fairly new. It is smooth, like there is a match head or almost a bb embedded under the skin. It is not notably discolored. Feels like there is a little bump next to it.<br /><br />I'm 25, never smoked, infrequent casual drinker. I grind my teeth when I sleep and was just fitted with a new mouthguard for that.<br /><br />I do intend to get it checked out ASAP, but I am in Europe on business until the end of the week (I don't speak the language, and I have no idea how my insurance would even work over here).<br /><br />So basically I have 5 more days to worry about it until I can get it checked out. To sedate my worrying, I would like to know what this could be besides some kind of tumor. How serious does this sound? What else could it be?<br /><br />I had a dentist appt a month ago, and he didn't notice anything. As I said, I just noticed it this past weekend. Seems like it came on rather fast. Is 5 days too long to wait?<br /><br />Thanks for any help. (And thanks to Google for pointing this out to me.)
It's baffling to me too...

Anyways, for the update:

Still waiting to see an ENT or any specialist for that matter. On the bright side, I get to see the doctor again in 10 days, the dentist 10 days after that, and I am scheduled for the CT Scan in mid-late January. Of course, that is all disgustingly slow, but as far as the Canadian healthcare system goes, it's actually fairly quick. And fairly depressing.

However, for the real update, everything remained as is, nothing new, until a few days ago, literally out of the blue a large hard round bump ...much like a frozen pea... formed just to the right of the midline on my hard palate. It was initially a little tender, but all pain has pretty well left. If you press on it, there is a little bit of pain, but nothing substantial. I'm now left with a large lump/bump on the right side, a mid-size bump on the left, as well as 3 other smaller bumps on the left side, all of which are very close to the midline of the hard palate.

Some sinus pain remains in what I'd imagine is the maxillary sinus.

I guess my question would be ...I understand a (as in one) lump in the mouth could be a caution sign for oral or paranasal cancer ...but is the 4 or 5 I've detailed really cause for concern?

If it means anything, my eyes have been slightly bloodshot since mid-August or so, and intially had pain. 20 days of antiobiotics got rid of that and it has yet to return in any fashion, but the nasal pain remains. I do realize this is likely more of a sinus thing, and I apologize for wasting time on your forum.
Hi. About two weeks ago I discovered a bump on the roof of my mouth. I didn't know how or why it appeared, so I thought it might just be nothing and it would go away on its own. It's not discolored or painful, I can just feel it with my toung. Now that I know it's there I constanly mess with it with my toung. I went to my family doctor to find out what it was. He said that I had an infection somewhere in the mouth and so the lump formed. He gave me Amoxicillin twice a day for a week. It wasn't untill the next day that I began taking the meds. By then two other smaller, but the same kind of bump, formed right next to eachother. I continued to take the pills, but after the forth day there still was no change. Could the doctor have been wrong? Maybe I don't have and infection. And if I don't then what might it be? I'm too scared to go back and he tells me that I have cancer or something else. Any ideas? Oh, I forgot to mention that I have a drink of alcohol atleast 3 times a day. could that be affecting the meds or the bumps?
Hi 2scared,

Give the medication the doctor has given you a chance to work, and take the full course. Check the documentation you should have got with the tablets to see whether you should drink whilst you are taking them. If the lumps are still there after you have taken all the medication go back to your doctor, who may want to try something else.
Cancer of the mouth is really quite rare, especially in women. If you are still worried then suggest it to your doctor, as because of its rarity, it is not something that they will initially consider. Your doctor may well be able to put your mind at rest, by reassuring you that it is not cancer. If not, then getting it checked out as early as possible gives you the best possible chance of successful treatment.
Originally posted by Thatch:
Hi all. This past weekend I noticed a lump in on the roof of my mouth that I'm sure is fairly new. It is smooth, like there is a match head or almost a bb embedded under the skin. It is not notably discolored. Feels like there is a little bump next to it.<br />

i have the same bumps as described above, its weird because it gets bigger/feels sharper after i eat, maybe its some sort of iritation bumps. there one smaller one next to it, its about 2-3mm in size. this just started like a month ago. its sorta whitish in color but about the same color as my hard palate. its definitely not there before. i got this after eating some hot liquid foods. does the ones you guys have get bigger after you eat? i am 24 dont smoke and dont drink.
I have had hard lumps show up on the top of my mouth and never thought about it, at all. I just would notice every once in a while that I had a hard lump or ridge on the roof of my mouth. I don’t know if it went away or I just got used to it. It is not some thing you think about. Today I realized I have a very large hard lump on the roof of my mouth. It is raised about 1/8 of an inch on the left side it is about ¾ of an inch long and about ¾ on an inch wide. It is very hard does not seem to hurt all thought the skin is starting to get irritated from me running my tong over it.

About two years ago, when I was pregnant I was getting some small epidermal cist and thought I had one in my noise. It only took 18 months for me to see an ear, nose, and throat specialist. She told me the lump was not a cist but a piece of cartilage that I must have just noticed. But now I have this huge lump on the top of my mouth. I have had a very bad doctor (trying to find another one) and have finally just started to go to my local clinic. That how I got to see the ear, nose, and throat specialist the first time. I am going to the clinic tomorrow to have them look at the lump.

Why am I worried? Well, every one on my fathers side died of Cancer, my father at 49, Grandmother in her late 60’s, Grandfather early 40’s, Great aunt and Great Uncle also died in their 50/60’s, Great-grandmother 60’s. I am almost 40 and figure its going to show up sooner or latter.

I just would like to know, does this sound like it could be Cancer? It will take months to see an ear, nose, throat specialist and I would like to stop crying thinking its my turn. I don’t think if I did not have the family history I have, I would even think about the lump, even though it seems to be so big. It was mentioned that it is rare in woman.

I do not drink, nor do I smoke. However, I did grow in a smoking home, and was exposed to it for 25+ years. So in a way I was smoking.

Please help me.
I have a lump on the roof of my mouth as well. It's a little off to the left side of my pallett. I've had it for about two years now. It's not solid hard, but it is pretty hard. It is always there, and seems temporarily grow when I drink caffeine or have spicy food.
Does this seem like a never ending ulcer?
I've been to the doctor and dentist since I've had it, and they never mentioned it. It's clearly visible when you look in my mouth.
Any thoughts?
Hello, i recently just discovered like two three lumps in my mouth.. i first noticed the bigger one about a week ago and then the two smaller ones the next day. the two smaller ones are on theright and the bigger one is on the left and they are just off center. they hurt alittle bit when i eat certain things. kind of reminds me of the pain i used to feel when i would go awhile without eating in high school and then eat bread and the roof of my mouth would hurt. but they are quite hard and i can feel them with my tongue or finger but when i tried to look at them using mirrors and lighting i could barely see them in not even sure if i really could. it worried me the first couple nights but now im not really worried.. i haven't been to see a denist or doctor about it either cause its only been about a week. oh and also i am still a thumbsucker so i don't know if that really would have anything to do with it even though i've never really had this problem before. anyways any thoughts? thanks!
ok so i am a 21 year old male.. about 11 mouths ago i had unprotected sex with a female co worker (NO oral sex), since then i have went on the rollercoaster of emotions.. just to go to every clininc and be told i have nothing.. However about two weeks ago i began to notice a small bump on the roof of my mouth (hard palate). I at first thought i was a pimple, since i believe i got this before, and so i picked it.. but all that happened was it grew back on me... upon further inspection i noticed it has a head(or what appears to be one) and in certain lights almost whitish/grey, but im not sure if this is becuase the shadow that the flashlight im using because in another lighting it looks fleshy.. it does not look like a colliflower like i have seen most warts, but more of a small BB look.. more like a Zit.. i have no idea what this is.. i have no real pain from the area except that i keep running my tongue over it and i hate it.. Im really concerned of warts after searching the internet... also what type of clinic should i visit for this std? dental? EnT? reg doctor?
I have a lump on the left side of the roof of my mouth. Three dentist say it is a pocket. somthimes it is more swollen then others. The pocket is smooth and tender to the touch and I am always aware of it. I have had a catscan and the diagnoses was that they did not see any problem with my sinus area or very little. Having been on antibiotic several times nothing has changed. Is it a paracite? I think so....Is it cancer? Periodontis said it was not due to gum/gingervits becauus my gums are good. My teeth are good. What the hey is it?????? No one believes me.
I noticed a lump on my mouth just a few days ago. It's hard and quite painful when I eat anything or drink anything too hot or cold. I don't believe it's discolored (either that or my bathroom has ba d lighting). I don't smoke, don't drink and am under 25 yrs of age. Should I wait a week or two before consulting my dentist? The only thing that bothers me is it really hurts to consume anything. Also searching on the internet just pops up "oral cancer". Thank you for reading! Smiler
Hello Stile and Red Bean

Please see your dentist for an opinion first if you are worried about a mouth cancer. If you are unhappy with that, ask for a second opinion from an oral & mxillofacial surgeon. You can decide on the correct management once a diagnosis is made. This is not possible on the Internet.

Let us know how you get on.

Best wishes
Vinod Coffee
I recently noticed a lump on the roof of my mouth. I have had them off and on every few months or so. Typically, they are fairly small and not discolored, however, they usuallu are very tender/sore if I press on them.

The one I have now started as they usually do, but it has grown to about the size of the tip of an eraser in about 2 days(Ive had it for about 4-5).

I was wondering what it could be and if it is dangerous? I do not have dental insurance so I am reluctant to make an appointment. Any suggestions?
Hello, I have seen a few ENT's through the years about a tiny bump on the roof of my mouth. There used to be a small clear lump on my Pharynx and that was whisked away by an ENT. A few months later a new bump came up, clear & almost similar to the former. I left it alone and it's almost a part of my pallet now.

I've recently visited an ENT (he was older so I trust his opinion) and he said "I can't say it's a wart, it just looks like it's part of the mouth...come back in 2 months we'll take care of it." So today I went back and he looked at it two times, deemed it not necessary to remove because I'd be in pain. SO I said ok. But the weird thing is, it tends to swell and get bigger (it fluctuates in size actually) whenever I eat hot food. This morning it's pretty small comparatively speaking. It is an annoyance and I was just curious if anyone experienced this at all.

I know Dr. you cannot provide a diagnosis over the net, but it has been this way for, I'd say a year and I'm only considering it as an annoyance. Thanks for any help...

Originally posted by Dr Vinod K Joshi:
Hello Lee81

If it is bothering you, you should ask your ENT or OMFS specialist to remove it.

Best wishes
Vinod Coffee

I thought that was going to be the answer; it's not bothering me just a nuisance because I know it's there...that's the only bother, other than that it doesn't hurt, just weird knowing it is there...
Hello, I'm not telling you what it is, however what everybody is describing is what I have been dealing with for over a year. I was diagnosed with a blocked minor salivary gland on my soft pallet.. I had it removed, results came back benign. However having it removed caused trauma and caused another one to become blocked...again it was removed...again benign...but yet again another one close to the same site has developed back near my uvula. This one comes and goes every two or three days unlike once every week to nine days like the others. The bumps are always there...but become flared with the increase of saliva production.

I am learning this is something I may just have to learn to live with, because I do not look forward to having my mouth cut into several times a year.

Also I am going to my medical doctor tomorrow for blood tests. both my ENT doctor and my dentist said that often times things in the mouth are symptoms of something else going on in the body.

hope this helps a bit. Hope it eases your mind and worries
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I have an uncomfortable, almost itchy bump on the right side of the roof of my mouth. This bump showed up about a year ago and has gotton small and large, but hasn't irritated me yet until these last few days. its a little smaller than a dime and it is in an oval shape, it is behind my upper right teeth. yesterday it hurt worse than it ever has, and today it isn't putting out as much presure. This was also causing three of my teeth to feel numb and sensitive. also, I think it may be related to my sinuses because they seem ajitated and a bit swollen. What in the world is this?
I have a similar type of lump. It doesn't hurt unless I press on it. Its about halfway back on the roof of my mouth and slightly to the left of the center. I just got off a bad cold and have noticed the discomfort when pressing against it.

I do remember having this similar situation years ago at many different occasions. It is a single hard lump. The best way to describe it as if it was the end of a bone kind of poking down into the roof of my mouth (its about the size of half my pinky nail) and it feels like a lymph node.

I was always curious about it, and every time I notice it I make a note to ask my dentist next time I go, but since it isn't always sensitive (I cant remember exactly when it is, but this time I just got off a bad cold) I don't remember to ask when I'm there because it doesn't bother me.

It hasn't changed sizes over at least a few years. I am 18 now and I rememeber having it back since before i was 12. I was wondering if anyone knows what it may be?
I know that this thread has gotten pretty packed, but I'd still like to share my problem. First some background; I'm 25, don't drink but I do smoke (trying to quit). Like some others on this site I am an American currently without health insurance so it would be pretty tough for me to pay to see a series of doctors. I have a small bump, halfway between the center of the roof of my mouth and my teeth. It doesn't hurt, per say, and on most days I don't notice it, but occasionally it becomes irritated when I eat and occasionally it can cause a sensation like I have a sore throat when I swallow. It is never an open sore, but the fact that it makes me feel like I have a sore throat makes me very nervous. It has been there for at least a year. I don't think that it has gotten bigger but I am not sure. I am wondering if it may be cancer and also which kind of doctor I should go see because I can't afford to be shipped from doctor to doctor. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Hello Jack, your post seems to have been buried among the numbers of posts we have at the moment. So you dont feel neglected, may I tentatively suggest you visit a Dentist initially. They have a knowledge of mouth anatomy & would know which specialism to refer you to.
Dr Joshi is the expert here & I'm sure will answer you soon. All the best. Let us know how you get on. Fran
Hello Jack

There are several causes for swellings in the roof of mouth. There is a bump of extra bone called a torus that is normally present in the midline of the hard palate, it may be minimal or very enlarged. For more information and pictures of normal appearances, please see Fig. 1.24 and Fig. 1.25 in this article called Examination Technique with Normal Findings and Structures Mistaken for Disease.

Some swellings can caused by infections from teeth or saliva glands. See these previous posts on lumps in the roof of the mouth.

I think you are best off seeing a good dentist before anyone else. Let us know how you get on.

Best wishes
Vinod Coffee

Like others here, I also "discovered" a bump off the center ridge of the roof about halfway deep of my mouth...not large at all and no pain. Something inside me tells me its been there for a while but I've just paid a lot of attention to it lately. It seems that there are symmetrical smaller bumps I can slightly feel on the other side of the hard palate as well. There is no discoloration. When i saw my dentist about it, he could hardly find it. When I was finally able to get him to feel it, he said it was just a "blister" or tissue....nothing to worry about. Well its been months later and the bump (still the same size) is there. I still play with it and then feel something because of all the probing, etc. One thing that gives me piece of mind is that I'm able to flatten it out when applying pressure. Minutes later it then fills out again...what could cause this? I hope the fact that I can flatten it rules out the worst case.

Thank you

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