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Hi all. This past weekend I noticed a lump in on the roof of my mouth that I'm sure is fairly new. It is smooth, like there is a match head or almost a bb embedded under the skin. It is not notably discolored. Feels like there is a little bump next to it.

I'm 25, never smoked, infrequent casual drinker. I grind my teeth when I sleep and was just fitted with a new mouthguard for that.

I do intend to get it checked out ASAP, but I am in Europe on business until the end of the week (I don't speak the language, and I have no idea how my insurance would even work over here).

So basically I have 5 more days to worry about it until I can get it checked out. To sedate my worrying, I would like to know what this could be besides some kind of tumor. How serious does this sound? What else could it be?

I had a dentist appt a month ago, and he didn't notice anything. As I said, I just noticed it this past weekend. Seems like it came on rather fast. Is 5 days too long to wait?

Thanks for any help. (And thanks to Google for pointing this out to me.)
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Hello Thatch

I wouldn't worry over the next 5 days, instead enjoy the trip to Europe! You don't rate highly in the mouth cancer stakes. The tiny bump is probably a blocked minor saliva gland or vesicle (viral infection) or reaction to minor trauma (food). A mouth cancer lump (or cyst) would grow bigger with time. Give it three weeks and see. If still there or you are still worried you could see your dentist back home.

Regarding your bruxing, try my splint of air advice. It is more comfortable! Big Grin

Do let us know how you get on.

Best wishes
Vinod :coffee:
What's it been, 8 months now? Here's the rest of my story (spoiler: it's not cancer), and a new twist I'm hoping someone can advise me on.

I procrastinated, and finally got it checked out in March or April. The doc reached in my mouth, felt around for not very long, told me it probably wasn't anything, and then charged me $100. He said my mouth was always like that, and I probably never noticed it before.

Not quite satisfied, I pressed him, and he said I could get a CT scan. So I did. And it apparently didn't show anything abnormal.

Great, right?

But I have another question. In the past six months, I've grown pretty familiar with the shape of my hard palate, since I've been understandably obsessing about it. So...

Today, I noticed another bump! It's a couple mm away from the first area (in the hard palate). It feels like a small isolated protrusion... kinda "sharp", I guess. This guy is definitely new. And recent. Going by memory, it reminds me of the first bump I noticed, though the first bump is no longer like that (though there is a shallow raised area there now... which might have always been there?).

I poked and scratched the new one with my fingernail to see if it would burst as if it was some kind of sore, but it appears to have more substance than that. I assume that its beginnings would have been caught by the CT scan if it was something cancerous... but that leaves the question, what the heck is this?
hi Vinod

I'm very worried as I also have a small lump of a similar description to Thatch, which appeared last week on the hard palate in my mouth. It is close to the top of the palate but offset to one side of the central ridge. Looking on the internet has made me paranoid about what it could be as some cancers fit this description perfectly.

My lump is probably not more than a few mm across, is slightly painful at times (although this could be psychological - when I think about it), is not discoloured and has been there for about 5 days. My boyfriend has looked in my mouth and says that he can't really see anything.

I'm going to see the doctor about it this week but I'm worried about getting a vague diagnosis. If it is an infection or blockage of a minor salivary gland, how long would you normally expect this to last? Is there anything I can do to speed up recovery? Finally - and sorry for all these questions; I have been quite stressed lately and I wondered if this may have helped to bring this on.

Any advice you can give will be much appreciated.
thanks in advance
I am the same, the internet is a very bad doctor.

I am troubled with mouth ulcers - especially at times of stress. Last April I had a small ulcer on the roof of my mouth that I hoked at with a fingernail.

It healed to be a very small lump 1-2mm on the curve of the roof my mouth.

I looked on the internet and paniced, went to the Dr who used to be a dentist. He then told me the only thing he had seen at that site was some ananiod sarcoma (or something) but he did not think it was that. There was another Dr there and I ofcourse paniced despite their approach being almost jovial. He told me to check it out with my dentist as it was probably tooth related.

A paniced me went the very next day, I spoke to the dentist on the phone who was shocked at the comments of the dr, and said it was anything he would have me referred immediately. I took a look at it and commented it was small and probably nothing tell me to come back in 2 weeks. 2 weeks later I am back and he feels both sides of my mouth, comments on no change and said it was probably there before, or even scar tissue from the ulcer as the skin on the roof of the mouth is only about 3mm thick.

A month or so later, it is still there and I am beginning to worry again, I pick at it, it heels to form a lump, so I pick at it again and the cycle begins again. My wife has had a look can see nothing and finds it very hard to feel.

I constantly rub it with my tongue and notice it is hardly there when I wake but later after rubbing for a while it is more apparent.

I am 32 and the problem is if you search for anything with the word lump in it the stories are scary. The dentist said if he had any concerns he would have refered me immediately.... but I still niggle. I realise I need to leave it alone but I have had torches in there, and even taken a look with a webcam, there is nothing to be seen only felt and it is very small to feel..... but I worry far too much !

Do things on the roof of the mouth takes ages to go away completely ? (if I left it alone that is).

I have an almost identical situation...About 3 weeks ago, I had an ulcer on the roof of my mouth. Right next to it,I felt a tiny little bump. It's on the left side of my hard palate.
The ulcer healed, but the little bump is still there..about the size of a bb. It's barely palpable in the morning, but the it becomes more obvious as the day progresses.
You're soon as you type in "Lump on roof of mouth", all kinds of scary things come up.
I have an appt. sched. with my dentist for 7/17, after my vacation...Hopefully it will turn out to be nothing!
Eeker Ugh Hi Para and Dr.~
Thank you for your response Dr.
I'm right there with you, Para...Just on the other side of the ocean!
I will also admit that I have been, "tampering" with my lump as well...and same thing. As it heals the lump forms...It's bizarre though, because, when I wake up, it's teeny-tiny, but as soon as I have coffee and the day progesses it gets bigger. Would cancer shrink and then enlarge in a minor salivary gland...I am going to the dentist, just grasping at straws to be able to enjoy my vacationin the mean-time.
My sister was diagnosed 2 months ago with Ovarian Cancer and Breast Cancer,Stage IIIC, out of the clear blue. It's been rough..and I know that stress could have very well caused whatever this thing is, in my mouth.
I'm 36,with a little boy to take care of...and the thought of any type of cancer is so scary.
Thanks for listening.
I don't know faith. It sounds as if we have identical problems. Lets face if if you had a sore on your arm that you messed with everytime if nearly healed the same thing would happen. My Dr and dentist have both seen mine and didn't think it was anything - else they would have referred.

I think we need to stop messing with them. I think sores in that local such as ulcers can leave scars that take longer to heal. lets face it food and hot coffee hitting them is going to slow down the process, add to that the constant abuse by fingers etc what hope do we have.

I think if we left them alone all would be well ?

The worry is the worst, I find myself using my tongue as sand paper rubbing at it constantly... I think that is what makes it bigger during the day.
hi all

Just to let you know I got mine checked out by the doctor (who could see nothing and advised me not to worry), and now by the dentist. The dentist said that it appears to be a bony protrusion (a torus) and it has probably been there for some time. He thinks I may have injured it with some food which brought it to my attention in the first place. I will keep an eye on it but for now, my mind is slightly more at ease.

hi everyone,

I too have had a small lump on the roof of my mouth, just left of the center ridge and about halfway back. I first noticed it about 8 months ago and basically ignored/forgot about it because it was small and painless. I did worry a bit in the back of my mind, though, because it was something that seemed deep under the skin. It felt like a smooth protrusion - like a BB under the skin or something.

Anyway, about two weeks ago I noticed it again and it had grown larger - about the size of a pea, still deep under the skin. It was just slightly tender, but there was no discoloration. After seeing some posts here and elsewhere I really started to worry and went to the doctor.

My doctor looked at it and said that it's a cyst that probably became slightly infected and grew larger as a result. He has me applying hydrogen peroxide three times a day, and since starting that a week ago, not only has the recent swelling gone down, but the lump has nearly disappeared completely. I'm noticing as of the last day or so it almost seems to be coming to a head, and I suspect (hope!!) it will dry up completely. My doctor did say that the hydrogen peroxide might not completely erradicate the cyst, and I may need to go to an oral surgeon to have it removed. Hopefully this will not be the case, but at least my cancer fears have been alleviated!

My main point in sharing this is that there is much on the internet that can make a person feel like they should be making funeral arrangements, when more than likely the worrying is unnecessary. I think the best bet is always to see a trusted physician who knows all the possibilities rather than trying to self-diagnose based on a sampling of worst-case scenarios.
Good point about the internet, this site is providing much more level headed advice than googling bump in mouth, I think mouth cancer is the first thing to be listed. It is a real bummer that some doctors do not take the time to alleviate these fears or talk you throught the process of a mouth sore healing. Also that not everyone has the right to health care in this country! I work full time and do not have it. Mad

Is it safe to say though, that bumps that change in size like this are not cancer almost always?
Hi all, me again,

just to say I still have the lump, it has not changed very much still about 2mm if even. it is under the skin and if I rub my tongue over it gently i won't feel it, I have to press hard to get it.

It is at the corner of the roof of my mouth. I have noticed that first thing in the morning it is hardly there, after a few hours of tongue lashing it becomes more pronounced.

I have been to the dentist who said it was nothing and to come back in 3 weeks which I did and it had not changed at all, he said he would have expected some change if it was sinister.

I also have a bad tooth that is sort of bad close the gum on the inside of my mouth, it can get sensitive when I eat and can bleed when I brush my teeth. There can be a dull ache there at times.

I have also noticed that I notice all this stuff when I am at my most tired, the tooth is sore the more tired I am - I fixate on the lump the more tired I am.

It has been there since last april and not changed at all, it is only a focus the more stress I am - and the more stressed I am the more canker sores I seem to get.. is that normal ?

again, I post this message on a friday morning wrecked at work, after a wild two weeks of flying about at all hours... I find the mental strain worse than oral discomfort or symptom.

I am very worried about this 2mm lump now as I search the internet and found a link to paranasal problems. A year or so ago I had to have a sinus xray on the same side of the lump..... the xray was clear and sinus problems cleared up (that was around christmas last year).

I hadn't thought about the sinus symptoms for months but I would assume it would be unlikely for them to dissapear and the lump would have been an additional symptom as opposed to a replacement ?

I had a sinus endiscope too and all clear.

am I simply being paranoid the lump is at most 2mm and not changed....

thanks Dr Joshi I will do that, I went to the dr before and he thought it was oral, sent me to the dentist who thought it was nothing, told me to come back in 2 week and when I did he said he would have expected a change if it was anything to worry about.

I will go to the Dr, but does it sound sinister from what I have described ?

with reference to the sinus the main sinus problems have gone and if the lump was sinus related I would have expected the sinus symptoms to remain.

A 2mm oral thicking that has not changed other than the times I have picked at it and it healed - would you not have expected changes... ?

just trying to see where such a situation would sit on the worrying levels of a normal human as opposed to me who worries about everything to silly levels ?
Hi - I googled "mouth lump" and read your forum contributions. On the basis of what I have read, I have the same thing and I know in my case that the initial trigger seems to have been accidentally shoving the hard end of a toothbrush into the roof of my mouth, which was painful at the time. That was some time ago and the little lump seems to come and go. It never gets any bigger, I cant resist rubbing it obsessively with my tongue etc.. I am a smoker and in my 40s, but I am quite sure that (as with all the lumps I have ever panicked about anywhere on my body) it is just another cyst.

I wish somebody would invent a "cyst zapping" laser pencil. Any volunteers ?
Found a hard red sore looking lump, roof of my mouth towards the back, just to the right. Quite well visible, looks like a spot but feels much harder. I do have a bit of a sore throat and my gums feel mildly sore. Am presuming it's all related. I did have a bit of a lousy day for my allergies(dustmites, grass)- I get hayfever too. It affects my asthma too, which has been a bit iffy in the last week.

I'll keep everyone updated. I've enjoyed reading through this topic and am relieved I'm not on my own!
Hello andrew86

That's good news. Hence the advice given:
In its very early stages, mouth cancers can be almost invisible making it easy to ignore. You can improve your chances of survival if the cancer is detected early and rapidly treated. It is important to have a self-awareness and to perform regular, self-examinations to help in the early identification of these symptoms:
1. A sore or ulcer in the mouth that does not heal within three weeks .... more

Be always self aware so that if things aren't right, you can seek professional advice.

Best wishes
Vinod Coffee
Hello all, I too have a lump in my mouth. It is on the hard pallate, slightly off center. I noticed it some time ago but decided not to worry about it, assuming it was some type of sore. However, it is very hard, painless and seems to be strongly attached. On top of that I have had chronic hoarsness. I guess that combo worried me so went to my doctor. She thought it was a benign lesion but since I had the hoarsness is wanting me to see an ENT. That appointment is quite a few weeks off and I guess now I am really worried. I think the lump has grown and it is obvious to anyone looking inside my mouth, no flashlight needed. Does anyone think I have anything really to worry about, especially you Doctor?? Starting to have some really bad nights worrying about this.

Thanks anyone
Hello Java1

If you think the lump has been getting larger, you should get seen earlier. It doesn't matter if it turns out not to be a cancer, it will let you sleep better! You might also need to see a dentist to make sure that it is not a problem from the teeth but the ENT specialist should be able to steer you down that path if s/he finds nothing in the maxilary sinus or palate. Hope that helps.

Best wishes
Vinod Coffee
Hello everyone. I must also jump on the bandwagon regarding oral lumps...

I have recently had viral pharyngitis and so when monitoring my mouth, i realised that i have a hard lump on the back end of the roof which is:

- similar colouring to the rest of my mouth;

- approx 1cm/1.5cm;and

- painless to touch, without any tenderness.

I seem to remember having this some years ago (without it going away) but i had just not taken any notice and assumed it was perfectly natural.

It hasnt grown in size at all.It wasnt until my parent pointed it out that it has me slightly concerned.

Ive been to the orthodentists, doctors and dentists and it has never been mentioned or pointed out.

Opinions/advice would be apprecitated from all (especially you Doc!)
Hello Gil

It is probably a normal structure since: (1) your dentists haven't commented and (2) it hasn't grown.

There is a bump of extra bone called a torus that is normally present in the midline of the hard palate, it may be minimal or very enlarged. For more information and pictures of normal appearances, please see Fig. 1.24 and Fig. 1.25 in this article called Examination Technique with Normal Findings and Structures Mistaken for Disease. Click for more!

If concerned, please see your dentist for reassurance.

Best wishes
Vinod Coffee

I'm gonna copy and paste a question I posed in a room that I couldn't get into (I'm
(I'm American, so these are American measurements)

Having reviewed a few of the answers regarding this topic, I thought I'd ask the same things, but more specific to my case.

I have a large lump on the right side of the roof of my mouth. It measures about 1.25" X 1" X .25" (thick). It does not hurt and it is soft. It began less than 1 year ago.

I'm 51 years old and have worn upper dentures for about 6 years. I have never had them relined but have been using SeaBond to form them to my mouth.

There is no discoloration of the lump.

Perhaps this more detailed description may help me or others who are concerned about mouth cancer (I smoke). I'm almost homeless and cannot afford to consult a doctor. Any thoughts?

Thank you.
I had EXACTLY what many people are mentioning
about a recurring bb like bump on the roof of my mouth on the soft pallet. I went through so much to find out what was causing thins. I was tested for all sorts of things like Herpes and Syphilis. The Doctors opted to remove the bump but I said no. I knew that removing it would not do a darn thing since it just kept coming back in the same exact spot. The bump did not really hurt. Nine months later, I started to get a pain back there and then swelling began around that side. Finally fever stricken and in a haze, I was sent to an ENT who took a CT and found that there was a cyst in my sinus maxillary cavity that was causing the bump and my other problems. The infection had also made the one adenoid on that side swell. I was given Nasonex, a heavy-duty antibiotic (took care of that nine month recurring bump), and a type of steroid to take care of the inflammation. I feel OODLES better. I am passing the word on that sinus problems can cause mouth problems and mouth problems can cause sinus problems.
***Go to an ENT(ears nose and throat doctor, for those who are not familiar with the acronym)!
As the name implies, I'm a little worked up. Reason being ...I was eating dinner a short while ago, and realized a bump/lump just left of centre towards the back of my hard palate. I had felt something very similar to this (and likely the exact same) a while back, but I assumed it had disappeared (I had totally forgotten about it), but seeing as how I never really noticed anything, I'm assuming it had got up and left so to speak. The new bump feels (and maybe it's my mind being trick) smaller in the morning felt much smaller yesterday evening (after 4 days or so of having it), but today it is back at around double the size (or so) it was initially. It appears to be a pink sized bump, again about the size of a bb. I do have grave concerns, and am going to meet my physician some time soon. I guess my question is, do I have a legitimate reason to be worried?

For all its worth, I'm an 18 year old male, who doesn't smoke, and has less than 1 drink every 2 weeks. I have had salivary stones before, as well as sinus infections if that is at all relevant to oral cancer.
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I hate to write again ...but still no answers. I went to a doctor, he told me it looks like an irritation and to give it 1-2 weeks. I gave it 10 days, and the bump was less pronounced and closer towards the front of the palate (maybe by a 1/2 cm or so). However, I have had sinusitis ...or siunsitis like symptoms since mid-August, and wanted to get that checked out. AS WELL, it feels as though I have salivary stone(s) again in the right Submandibular gland. On this second trip to the doctor, he said the lump (on the palate) doesn't feel like cancer, he sent me for X-Rays (to be done tomorrow) for the potential salivary stone, and gave me nasal spray and Reactine for the (potential) chronic sinusitis.

Thats all well and good, but after leaving his office, I started to get the feeling that something was stuck in my throat very near to the top of my esophagus. I am aware this is "one of the symptoms". It went away after an hour or two, but then the next day (today), it has recurred, and seems to be staying there.

I suppose what I am getting at this exceptionally quick on coming of "symptoms" that normal in oral cancer patients, or does this sound more like a compilation of a multitude of minor problems.

Admittedly, I'm VERY worried, and realize that at my age, and my health habits it is very unlikely, but with the sinus issues, the throat thing, and the small bump on the roof of my palate, I can't get the idea off my mind.

Thanks again for listening.

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