I, 33 yo male, recently noticed a small hard growth underneath the skin on one retromolar pad. I can notice it to the touch, but it is not easily visible (although looks whitish when I agitate it). No pain, except I have been agitating. It may have been present previously, but I cannot be sure.

I quit using tobacco about 1 month ago, but have used either chewing tobacco or smoked for the past 14 years. Do not drink much now , but had my fair share throughout my 20s. No history of oral cancer in family.

I am paranoid and will bring it up at my next regularly scheduled dentist visit (2 weeks), but looking for idieas of what this could be.

I am concerned and slightly hypochondriacish. Your advice on what this may be would be helpful.
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Hi Ben

Would it be possible for your dentist to see you any sooner? Have you seen your family doc about this? You might also want to see an otolaryngologist.

You're not being paranoid--you're being proactive. I went for 4 months with what I'd convinced myself was a cold sore under my tongue (I knew better the whole time) because I'm a big--what's the technical term--coward.

Please let us all know how things turn out.

Thank you and I appreciate your thoughts. I only noticed it 2 days ago and attempted to get in for my regular checkup earlier, but not currently a possibility. I think I am going to wait for my appointment to hear my dentist's opinion. Until that time, I am looking for other possibilities to keep me from freaking out.
I went to the Walk-In clinic to alleviate some of my worries. The doc said "I do not see any signs of Oral Cancer", but said to mention it at my dentist appointment. Still a bit worried, but possibly it will help me stop picking at it. Any thoughts on what it might be, other than oral cancer, would be helpful.
If I would have had a CT scan 2 months ago to investigate sinus problems, would it have picked it up if it were cancer?
Thank you for your response Vinod. When you say that "it might be the retromolar pad", do you mean that one might just be shaped differently than the other? The fact that the 2 were not the same is what really sparked my fear. Could it be a scar from wisdom tooth removal (several years ago)? Once again thank you for your help.

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