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Good Morning Krishan,
I trust that all is well with you and yours.
In the past when anyone sent a private message to me or replied to a PM from me I received a messege via my private Email address. Yesterday "let me tell u" mentioned on the introduce yourself forum that he had sent a PM to me but I had seen nothing of it so I searched around and eventually found a list of all the PMs where I was involved and I felt distraught that it would appear to a number of people that I was ignoring them when this was not the case. May I offer appologies to the following members:-

Ananth 8 messages not replied to
Deborah 51 2 ..
Lorna 1 ..
Ebony 1 ..
Bev 1 ..
Corrina 1 ..
Shiley Kirby 1 ..

Is it possible to restore the old system, Krishan,where I (or we ) am/are alerted to a PM?
Keep Smiling
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Hi John

Not sure why you didn't get your notifications.

You can manage your notifications by going to:

Go > Personal Zone > Notifications

Private Messages > All Private Topics
"Delivery" icon next to it

Click on "Edit"
and tick boxes for
Immediate Notification by Email
including Replies

Hope that helps?

Do let me know what preferences you had and if you still have a problem?

Regards, Krishan

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