Anyone watching this! My favourite character is 'bug eyes'Yikes but mrs j likes 'sawyer' Roll Eyes
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I have just had the first series box set which my children bought me for fathers day.

Please do not tell me what happens next Smiler
Lost is already into season 3, so there is alot I could tell you, Robert! No But I won't. Smiler
This link will help you along:Lost Season 1 website

In May 2007 it was announced that 'Lost' will continue for a fourth, fifth, and sixth year, concluding with the 117th produced episode in May 2010. Yikes
2010 Wow Glad I gave up after the 3rd episode! My favourite is NCIS, all the characters are good in their own right but I really like Abby the computer expert, she of the,distinctive voice & clothes. Anybody else watch it?
yes Fran I too like NCIS its different and uplifting to watch.It just has a happy feel about it and the acting is first class.Not many programmes I watch but NCIS is one.
The best at the moment for me is the repeats of teh Two Ronnies they are so funny and way before their time and very risky at the subject and comments made but they make me laugh, I also remember watching then on Sat night with my Grandma when she was lookng after me how old I was then not sure but young.

Hi Paul, have you ever seen the episode in the Hardware store? the one with the "4 candles?" we laugh every time we watch it.Its the kind of humour which doesnt date.
Just been watching an old recording of Taggart. Now it isnt that long since Mr McManus died, but it was strange to see mobile phones the size of bricks, & nearly all the characters smoking! The funniest thing was the lack of computer technology. In one scene, they were tracking a criminal using a map, a ruler & a set square Thinking Life has changed so much.
Ha ha ha, now that the Brits are getting trashed by all and sundry, we have changed to TV channels, is it????SmilerSmilerSmilerCricket is the game and will always dominate TV or any other source.!!!

Tons of love and with one huge sixer of a hug,
I dont watch much on the box but NCIS I like,Two Ronnnies, Rising damp and CSI Las Vegas to spot where I have been Smiler
I was thinking yesteday I dont like soaps,Garden programmes,DIY,Houses for sale, Dancing or reality shows so no much left for to watch.I do like Sky News.


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