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The tips for caregivers and the rest of us in the Beyone Indigo were I thought very good Vinod.
The forum was a good place for people to express their grief in terms meaningful to people in a similar position.

Maybe anonymity like that forum provides is a good way for individuals to express their deepest hurt and disillusionment with life not matching the path wanted.

I'm sure the links will comfort many individuals who feel as if they might pop with frustration at their sitaution at any moment. Knowing someone else has been or is in the same situation does make some things just a bit easier to cope with. Knowledge become power.
I would have no idea about how anyone would feel about loosing a partner. Tho I know from experience it is a devastating thing for the one left behind. Rather it was a short illness or a long one. My mother in law passed away after 47 years of marriage to my father in law. He was just lost without her. We have made sure we were there to help him thru all those nights. The house was """TOO QUIET""" he would say. He is a very strong man, but this just all but did him in. He would not go to any meetings to help him. It has been 2 years and he is doing much better now. We don't """HAVE""" to go anymore--we go because we want to. There is a huge difference. I don't think that there is a book in the world out there to """HELP""" someone thru this. I think that it is people being there, visiting with you, doing things together. A book cannot hug....just my opinion,,,,always Vicki
hi a girl...nd alothoug i dont have xperiance of loosing sum1 2 mouth cancer..i recently lost sum1...he wz abit olde thn me...he wz 13..nd he slit his throught..inoo he wil be mised dearly..n its hard 4 me 2 tel him i luv him standin over his grave..R.I.P Jamie...and if any1 goes down 2 coulsdon..they will ceee...tha graffiti saying rip jamie..and his little yeer1..nd he has a disabled brother..nd ihis mum jus had a baby...think
Hi dear one...

That is so very very sad, particularly for you and Jamie's family who are no doubt devastated and left to go on. It is truly a tragedy when someone so young feels there is no answer except to leave this world by their own means.

You write that it is hard to stand over Jamie's grave and express your love for him. Trust me, you will be able to do that in time. For now, just know that love spans all dementions, all boundaries, and all time. When someone we care about is no longer physically with us... I believe the love that was shared on this earth NEVER dies. So, do not worry that you are not yet able to stand by Jamie's grave and express your love aloud. He knows.

My heartfelt sympathy goes out to you and Jamie's family at this sad time.

A friend in the USA,


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