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Hi there,

My name is Ceinwen Giles and I'm currently part of a team from Swarm (a small consultancy) that is putting together (with Macmillan) the user involvement piece of a larger project that aims to improve cancer patient experience in London.

We are hoping to get in touch with a couple of individuals living with mouth cancer and who would be willing to talk about their experiences and help us to develop a user panel to improve cancer patient experience in London.

Interviews will last about an hour and all expenses associated with the interview will be paid. If you've had treatment in London and would be willing to chat, please let me know. My email address is

Warm wishes,
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Dear Penny - I am so sorry for your recent loss.
Your husband,Alex, suffered so much from the side effects of radiotherapy. It really does concern me that radiotherapy can cause so much damage to bone tissue/blood vessels etc.
Some patients (such as Alex) seem to have these debilitating side effects more than others. It's such a worry to all of us who have had this treatment. We so need advanced RT treatments more available to help counter this (gamma knife.proton beam?)

With sympathy Tony K

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