Hi! I've had a ache in my back teeth and jaw for the last three days, as if someone had punched me on the left side of the head :banghead: . Also at this time, i've discovered a small black spot on my left inner cheek, the size of the tip of a pencil. This spot isn't part of a sore, and I don't have any sores, bumps, or inflammations in my mouth.
I'll be seeing a dentist for the jaw soreness in any case, but was wondering if a black spot is a very likely warning sign for mouth cancer? Thanks.
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Hello ThomasL Frowner

The tiny black dot is unlikely to be mouth cancer Big Grin , but do go and see your dentist for an opinion if it doesn't get better after three weeks.

It is most likely to be a blood clot where you might have bitten your cheek. Read the advice given to Matthew about his little red dot on the inside cheek. The black blister could be related to a blood clot in a blood blister caused by chewing your cheek , again related to jaw muscle activity!

This would relate to the jaw soreness too. Aches in your back teeth and jaw soreness are often due to clenching activity! Read what I said to TC about his jaw ache and see if the advice helps.

Hope that helps Smiler .

Best wishes
Vinod :coffee: Razzerizza:
Thanks Dr. Joshi! On the positive side, this likely false alarm and reading this forum have raised my awareness about mouth cancer. No more occasional cigarette for me :geek: !
On the positive side, this likely false alarm and reading this forum have raised my awareness about mouth cancer. No more occasional cigarette for me
If only more people could think like this! As I am only 20 years old, and having being diagnosed with tongue cancer I think increasing awareness of mouth cancer is so important! It is often little heard of especially in the younger generation. If I had of heard of this form of cancer I may have been able to recognise that I had it earlier! I am also pleased to read """No more occasional cigarette for me""". I hope to raise awareness of this cancer to encourage more people to stop smoking. Especially young teenagers who smoke as a result of peer pressure and think that cancer only happens when your really old. I hope to educate them that cancer can happen to anyone even though I have never smoked, I hope they listen!
Clare, in one respect really pleased to read your posting.

With the vigour of youth you may well be able to acquant those in your age group of the poorly publized dangers of oral cancer.

I wasn't diagnosed until I was 64, and even at that advanced age I'd never realised that you could have cancer of the tongue. Throat, yes I'd heard of that.

Cancer was, most probably, my own fault. For years I'd smoked (approx. 20 a day), drank to excess, and consumed large quantities of rich amd spicy food.

But you, for God's sake, you're only 20. You haven't really had chance to seriously abuse your system.

I can only wish you in your efforts to """educate""" people of your age group, and hopefully younger. What I've found is that most people just switch off if I try to talk (and with me that's a load a fun) about cancer - and that's within my age group!

Hope you let us all know how you get on.
hi everyone... im just new to this site... and a while ago... after washing my clothes.. i wanted to brush my teeth... then i checked first my mouth then i saw two tiny black dot inside my buccal mucosa one in the left, one in the right... so first time i saw this one and i am really worried, shocked.... i dont know what is this...i dont feel any pain or something on that area...so what i did, i get a syringe needle, and tried to pop it out... coz im curious...if what is this, why this happen.... and when it happen....after that, nothing.... so i search in the internet just know,...and here i am hahaha
I have just recently been diagnosed with mouth cancer called sqaumous cell carncinoma. Does anyone have any information or advice - I'm all ears...

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