I have had my chemo and radio therapy over 6 weeks ago for my tongue and throat cancer. Desperately now struggling to take in fluids and the best I manage is a few tsp of ice cream or water a day. Has any one got some tips as really want to get back to ordinary in takes rather than my peg feed. Thank you - Jasonjd
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Hello Jason

You can read past advice here. Please also do a search for previous post using the words 'diet' and 'radiotherapy'.

Things do get better.

Best wishes, Vinod
Dear Vinod
Thank you for your reply. I did try the other places you suggested but could not find any help or advice.
Any where else to go please?
Thank you
Hi Jason

Please speak to your Macmillan nurse; she should be able to help with advice about the discomfort and/or swallowing and when you should be expecting to go off the PEG.

Let me know how you get on.

Best wishes

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